I ONLY ate VEGAN food for 24 hours!! ( and this is what happened.. )

I ONLY ate VEGAN food for 24 hours!! ( and this is what happened.. ) Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub-SB | Make sure to enable ALL push notifications! Watch MY …


  1. lol I’m a vegan. good job on this vid! <3

  2. Can you do a get ready with me for a night getting lit & show outfit and makeup and drinks

  3. I’m am not trying to offend anyone in any way but people who are vegan say animals are our friends but if you think about it if you don’t eat meat the supermarket won’t buy it from farmers and those farmers will stop breeding and there won’t be anymore animals so we are killing our ‘friends’ then

  4. omg saff I love chocolate raisins and I love you so much XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. 10:56 Is that? Wendy? In a… wig?? Lmaoo <3

  6. Avi - NOW / אבי - עכשיו


  7. I got lots of your range in primark tomorrow yay

  8. I love you loads ❣️

  9. Ben and jerry vegan ice cream has been out for couple of years I always get

  10. What’s the link for the pancake website ? X

  11. Love u. Up haven't been whatching your vids for while cuz I went on a residential with my guides in wembly and I went to see u at the big gig

  12. Love your channel!! ❤️❤️

  13. What's the recipe ?

  14. Your mum looks so young

  15. i started gagging when she attempted to say tofu

  16. Your such a f****ing liar because your mum was in the background were you was saying about you doing the vegan all day. Your getting pathetic embarrassing in fact

  17. Toma Bagdonaviciute

    Ilysm ur videos always cheer me up ❤️❤️

  18. Omg I’m craving those pancakes u made omg

  19. I love chocolate cover rasins….

    I eat meat but barely eat meat….if that make sense …I love veggies but I don't know if I could be 100% vegan……

    Harlow is to adorable…I watch Casey & nicole channel also!

  20. Omg saff u r the best person ever xxxx

  21. You pronounced tofu wrong

  22. Hattie’sLife _XoXo

    Love a good Sunday! Saffron Barker and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. My 2 favourite(s) idols ♥️♥️

  23. I would honestly love to give this ago you have just opened my eyes to realise too that they dont just eat veg i think i may give it ago iloveyour vids saff x

  24. Love you saffron

  25. mmm i love tofu

  26. pls do a tutorial on this makeup look <3

  27. Xx Mia • L0L • Chloe Xx

    Hi saffron I went to primark today I bought ur bed cover ur pjs the pillow water bottle pen and eye mask.LoveYouu❤️❤️

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