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  1. Uncle Tav is proud of you sweaty. come by my channel and I can turn you into vegan. I have 525,000 subscribers and would love to convert you to our vegan community

  2. You eat alot for being so tiny. I noticed that in a video a long time ago.

  3. Those quorn nuggets are so freakin good!!!!

  4. #questionoftheday I’m going to a big city in a few weeks and I’m super anxious about how did you cope in the past? Thanks x

  5. quorn is so disgusting, such a shame its a big brand, as most people would expect it to be the best option with it being so well known:(

  6. I feel like being vegan is becoming easier with amount of vegan foods at supermarkets but the only problem is that it’s more expensive

  7. Oooh on the topic of ice cream in the free from frozen section of asda try the Almond Dream salted caramel ice cream. You would have no idea it's vegan

  8. Enjoyed watching it

  9. #questionoftheday Have you tried watching/listening to ASMR? And if so, what kinds of videos do you watch?

  10. I will say this right now. I'm flexitarian. So cut beef and lamb right out and drastically reduced my dairy intake. I try not to consume dairy if there are other options available. But I would never have stores own brand free from chocolate. Generally speaking the vegan milk chocolate in most supermarkets are soy based and is worse than the economy regular milk chocolate that is like 30p; texture tends to be super waxy too. Hands down the best vegan chocolate I have tried is the Ombar cocomylk which can be purchased in Waitrose or specialist stores. They use coconut milk instead of cows. I find texture wise when it melts in your mouth its as close to galaxy as you're going to get.. Super rich though. But it's expensive; like £3 for a 70g bar and that's the biggest they do. They do also do buttons. Also the Vego almonde bliss if you can get ahold if it. Tastes like a milky bar with bits of almond in

  11. When i first became vegan, finding vegan cheese that i really loved and enjoyed. It was a lot of trial and error for about 3 years. But i found that Morrison's does the best kinds of cheese for me personally. The cheese slices are also so much better than blocks when it comes to melting.

  12. You only like chocolate treats. That’s what I’ve noticed.

  13. Coco pops are vegan!!! (with plant based milk lol)

  14. Chloe-Mai Parfitt

    This is interesting to watch as a super fussy vegetarian!! I don't like any of the fake meat products other than the linda mcartney sausages haha

  15. Hey hey,
    Fab as usual

  16. Soph, have you cut down all your nails??

  17. I listen to audible on my communte to work and back. I'm not a huge music fan so I was driving in silence. Then I started listening to the video I had saved in my 'watch later' list but found I was missing too much because I couldn't see it, only hear. That's when I got audible. Had it since May and I'm currently on my 5th book.

  18. not gonna lie the soya milk from Aldi is so much better than all the others I've tried x

  19. Im vegetarian currently and i think i kind of want to go vegan once i leave home (im in yr 11 rn)

  20. You should try being gluten free as well as vegan. Not so easy but then again- reasonably so. Eating out proves quite hard though.

  21. I feel like if people that do these 24hr vegan videos looked into all the industries to get an insight on what happens they would stick with this lifestyle for longer and begin to realise that their normal diet does cause animal and environmental harm (I'm assuming that they only look into the food side) and it's not even that expensive and hard as some people make it out to be, there's still loads of alternatives, as you now know❤️❤️

  22. Cocopops are vegannnn!

  23. Check out Newsworthy Vegan Podcast for anyone interested in the vegan life.

  24. My daughter is vegan and I’m gluten free and in my opinion eating gluten free is WAY harder!! Xx

  25. Love you Soph

  26. Cassandra Michaelsen

    #QOTD Will you ever come to Norway? I've been here since the start and I would love to meet you but I live in Norway. I absolutely love your content, you're incredibly talented. Keep up the good work girl❤❤❤

  27. How are we living in a world where youtubers do vegan days and have to apologise if they get something wrong =S Who's actually offended if they make an honest mistake =S I understand nothing anymore =/

  28. One of my fave audiobooks on audible is Caraval by stephanie garber

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