I Lost 20LBS IN 2 WEEKS!!! With Intermittent Fasting+Vegan Diet | Day 39 Weight Loss Challenge

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  1. hello!!! i wanted to know, you work out while fasting or after eating?? kisses!

  2. I feel so bad i was fasting for 2months and fell off and gained my wright back and now i cant push myself to continue on what should i do

  3. 4:25 YOU HAVE EATEN WHAT GIRL??????


    girl watching all the videos again for inspiration

  5. btw awesome vid

  6. You’re so cute and I love your positive outlook with everything!

  7. I love your videos.
    I weighed myself and from March 18 til April 18 I’ve lost 16 pounds and makes my total weight loss 70 pounds. I’m sooo excited I’m so close to my goal weight. Your channel really motivates me.

  8. Starting my vegan intermittent fasting today

  9. I am 14 years old and waayyyyt overweight. I have been thinking about going vegan, My goal is 50 pounds and I hope I can lose it in two months (summer vacation)

  10. Amber Abundantly Favoured

    Health Rock*star!!! Get it!!!

  11. Kisha, for the meal plan, do you eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner within a certain window of time, like 11 to 7 or is it a shorter window like I have heard you say that you do like 5 to 9 pm?

  12. I'm on day 17 on a water fast, on my way to 30. Lemon water with pink salt keeps that throwing up away. I also workout with weights, twice a day on the weekends. I feel good.

  13. Bridney Clark-diaz

    So do u go hours without eating then you eat with water intake

  14. awesome!!! I just started this week.

  15. You’re beautiful

  16. KerryBellum Makeup

    Okay! Kisha I'm about to do this 39 day challenge right now! I had watched one of your videos a while back and you were giving some weight loss tips. Then I saw the thumbnail ffor this video in my recommended list and I was like 'I KNOW THIS FACE!!!!' Youve made such a transformation and I'm gonna start watching your challenge videos from day one and follow along ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. You are so positive and upbeat that it really encourages me.You look VERY healthy and happy.Your skin is beautiful.Your eyes are bright and they shine.Keep going,thanks for helping others too.

  18. Omg I needed to see this video!! I just started my I.F lifestyle change today and decided to watch videos for motivation. Love your energy! Hope I can lose at least 10 pounds this week. I had a small salad with to boiled egg whites and a chicken breast and snacked on popcorn. Done at 7 for the day and start my workouts with my husband tomorrow, I’m actually super hyped about it lol. Background, had a baby 5 months ago, 4 kids all together and working to get my prebaby weight back. 20 pounds to go for that but 30 to get to my “feeling fly” goal.

  19. I love this Sister!!! You are so full of Love and Life! Continue to spread your light, the world is such a dark place right now. When you find someone who carries light, it's a good thing to touch and agree. God bless you and yours. Keep spreading the light! You are appreciated!

  20. You look great! How tall are you?

  21. Love your energy girl! Love your videos! Thank YOU! ❤️

  22. Your skin is beautiful!!!

  23. Hi. great video. what did you eat during that week to lose 9bls..? I want to follow the exact meal plan. My start weight was 214bls. I down to 189.2bls. My goal is to reach 180bls. to be able to fit all of my size 14 dresses and skirts(depend on cut, some I fit into just fine; other to tight). please share for me. thank you..

  24. Adelina Matevosyan

    Do you have any cheat meals?

  25. Blah blah let’s get on with the video

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