Hyderabad non veg food Episode 3

Bawarchi & Cafe Bahar are considered to be among the best Biryani joints of Hyderabad. I them to experience the Hyderabadi biryani. In this Hyderabad non veg food journey i also enjoyed Haleem…


  1. usually lamb has a much more gamely taste but if the meat is cooked with lots of spice and boiled to death its very hard to tell.

  2. Watching this on my Amazon Fire TV..amazing on big screen


    Kab karoge travel pune me


    Pune me travel karoo please

  5. tarandeep singh

    Bali ji very good video 🙂

  6. You might visit Pune some time for Maharashtra food

  7. Aapkii food explore vry costly hota hai…not for middle class or general people…sunil from Odisha

  8. good. biryani looks good .

  9. I like ur videos… even the non veg food journey although I am a vegetarian

  10. Sony XperiaXAUltra

    Mutton Biryani is Good Under 160/-

  11. Sirji..kai jagah muttun ke naam pe..bade ka meat bhi serve hota hai…jahaan rate kum mile biryani ka. Samajh lena..woh goat meat nahin ho sakta….aur bade meat ki koi bhi dish agar aap pack karwaaoge…aur agar..2-3 ghante baad khologe to usme smell aayegi..goat meat ke saath aisa nahin hoga.

  12. Nishkaam Akshat

    Paused video at 10:31.. Srikanya hotel wali biryani sahi hai.. Good pieces and a boiled egg.. aromatic rice. I've eaten at this place. Bawarchi waalon.. yahaan aa kar seekho imaandari

  13. Nishkaam Akshat

    The most pathetic hotel I've ever come across.. Bawarchi… just one big piece of chicken and huge quantity of rice with gravy.. Rs 230. In my area I get 1kg chicken in 100 rupees. My wife is Hyderabadi Muslim she started laughing when she saw the first part of Bawarchi. What a shame and disgrace. Owners of Bawarchi are getting rich by fooling people..

  14. Sony XperiaXAUltra

    Worst Of money
    Only 1 piece in 250Rs.

  15. Vijender Parmar

    Again an amazing video.
    Sir please try to cover some street foods also.

  16. Cover gir forest

  17. Shivanshu Gupta

    Non veg is ok i like veg more than non veg whatever some people like non veg
    Nic video harish ji…

  18. Vikrant Belkhode

    Sir please visit Nagpur

  19. India number one food chhenal thank so much sir


    My 'mouth starts watering' when I saw 'Hyderabadi Biryani' which appears to be appealing because of its appearance or aroma…….
    Thanks again for your ultimate work…..
    ~ Gaurav(Bihar)

  21. Aditya Khandelwal

    Next time please visit Raipur

  22. Aditya Khandelwal

    nyc food vlog

  23. Harish Sir mRng and Greetings from dubai today the biryani presentation was awesome and it was mouth watering loved all biryanis which is a try must cooking style is different awesome

  24. Chicken mein layers nikalne ka matlab hai…ke chicken badi umar ka hai…means chicken is too old…tabhi chicken mein reshe nikalte hain.

  25. Harish sir this is my personal view i dont know if people want to know about biryani more or what is the thinking behind this but i see a lot of biryani in your nonveg videos

    I would love the videos more if it had unique nonveg dishes of the particular city

    Just my thought please reply if you have time
    Liked the video 🙂

  26. read my comment plzz I'm keen to help you


  28. mirza barkatullah

    Hello sir ,I am from Hyderabad ,and must say that you have almost covered all the important places and if you visit again you will cover whole of Hyderabad

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