Hvlog day 3 -. Vegetarian food diet – Lucknow videos coming


  1. Bro, are you from SNE ?

  2. where is your hmm restaurant

  3. Sir please tell me which app you are using to calculate calories…?

  4. Awesome Efforts!

  5. Channel moto change ho rha h

  6. You live once so eat drink and be happy! One piece of advice eat good food and exercise. Eating Subway or low calorie food always does not help.

  7. What's your name sir, nd your FB id

  8. Sir aap ka name baten?

  9. Good job bro! Keep going

  10. Nice to see you dieting please also do gym, even i was a healthy guy like you but now by dieting and gymming i have become slim,love from Pakistan/best of luck

  11. You are absolutely correct…. yes , wt loss needs lot of patients. ….

  12. home delivery review

    halwa parantha

  13. Bhai weight kaise increase kare
    I mean what diet should i take

  14. Chow down my lane

    Please don't drive and create videos… It's very dangerous bro… Please consider this friendly advice

  15. Thank you aisehi videos upload karte rahna….

  16. Nice..can u promote channels through community tab?cause many other youtubers are doing that to help small channels because of the new youtubes policy

  17. Kk sir

  18. Awesome

  19. The app which you recommend is really useful to me

  20. Sir muja giveaway ka prize daa doo mujaa

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