Husband’s Lunch Boxes For The Whole Week – Part 2 | Indian Lunch Box Recipes For Office (Veg)

Hello lovelies, After a crazy response for my first husband’s lunch box video, here comes another! Today’s #FoodieFriday video is: Husband’s Lunch Boxes For …


  1. Maganti Vinaya


  2. Instagram page?


    Gostei muito parabéns

  4. SpicesNFlavors

    Hey Saloni.. you have a beautiful channel and a beautiful voice.. so glad to have found your channel.. 🙂

  5. Hey Saloni,
    Can you please let us know the editing skills u follow to edit your for new youtubers if they want to start up a page of woukd really help us if u make us learn to edit n upload a video from scratch..

  6. Preeti Chhabria

    Hey saloni…i absolutely love ur content…pls make a video on dinner ideas also…preferably light n healthy

  7. D receipes look so yummy….

  8. saishree sahoo

    Recipe are awesome and healthy

  9. swathi upadhya

    Which blender you use ?

  10. Honest Opinions

    No Friday menu?

  11. Can you do A vlog with your husband or cook with him please

  12. Simran Khandagale

    Mirchi chutney plezzz

  13. Which brand of rice do u use

  14. I loved your idea of replacing mayo by your own made salad dressing…. Thank you

  15. Arundhati Banerjee

    Excellent recipes….I know red from Beetroot looks non-appealing at times…Try adding some colour relief with boiled peas, or some roasted peanuts…And while finishing the dish with chopped coriander , try option with some grated coriander as well…I think appeal part will be taken care of. Take care.

  16. I think chopping the beets finely and adding in the pulav will give colour as well as an appealing texture ….Just suggestions….

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