India is FULL of SPICY and Delicious Street Food! We went for a HUGE Street Food binge in Jaipur, India! If you love spicy and delicious Indian food, get ready, …


  1. Babe, where's my passport?

    Hi Everyone, WARNING ⚠️ don’t watch on an empty stomach.

    We tried so much food whilst being in Jaipur, it could be the best food so far in India. Enjoy the video and let us know what was the best food.

  2. Welcome to india

  3. How on earth are you able eat so much.??.. And seriously you can't watch this one empty stomach

  4. guys that was so great, i wish you will get over a billion subscribers. thank you for showing the best prespective as i know streats near your breakfast restraurant is nasty but you killed it. I have never been a fan of any youtuber yet.

  5. Nice vlog✌

  6. Saari and bindi look so good on you.
    Would have been better if u could have shown jaipur in Diwali lights

  7. india is full of shit and ugly creepy people.

  8. One off the best edited you tube videos …. … and showing positive ingredients and corners in India
    Well done

  9. How cool is she looking in the saree!!!!!!

  10. I will mostly stop with the starters.:)

  11. When r u coming in delhi.. Want to meet u guys…u r really awesome people..

  12. u look a bit like dj tiesto

  13. If at all you've time, do visit The Statue of Unity, the tallest statue in the world. It's located in Gujarat. BTW, all your videos are damn good. I especially love the editing of your videos.

  14. When u both are coming to delhi?

  15. You guys must be the first traveller-food vlogger to cover Masala chowk of Jaipur. It's new even for jaipurites. I have not been to this place and I live in Jaipur. I will surely visit now!

  16. We indians are much more attracted to indians girls so dont wink plz

  17. you must try Rajastani Daal Baati Churma. Your Rajastan trip is incomplete without that. I am sure you will love it.

  18. Manjunath Sherigar

    Fail? @7:27

  19. Just wondering how did u managed to eat so much in a day

  20. Love you guys for filming….that editing skills tho….slow Mo and stuff… absolutely amazing with the background music….keep it up.

    Hope you liked the food and stay.

  21. Dinner was dot perfectly ordered. Damm you guys are taking it to next level. All the best for New Delhi just saw your Instagram stories.

  22. eating dessert after a heavy meal it's actually good for digestion, hence its included in India tradition lemme tell you one thing, if you visit any Indian wedding you will see the desert is served only after the dinner is over, that's because, you guessed it right, it helps to digest all the foods that you just had in the reception party, and next day your stomach is all good for the next meal, and this way you never complain about the food that you had last night.

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