HOW TO SLIM DOWN AS A VEGAN | plant-based diet tips

CLICK TO SHOW MORE ↡ FREE DOWNLOAD: VEGAN MEAL PLAN: In today’s video, we’re talking about some of my best tips for NATURALLY…


  1. Clickbait for selling your stuff !!Was hoping for some real info- disappointed!! ….AND the FREE link doesn’t work. Nice try.

  2. Thank you for this video…just wondering though, Dr. John McDougall says eat however much you want on the Starch Solution.

  3. I couldn't download the booklet. I just got referred to some page that was wanting me to sign up for some 21 day program.

  4. Just learning about soaking grains, nuts, and legumes in water and lemon/apple cider vinegar to eliminate phytic acid so your body can digest all the nutrients. Do you ever soak them, if so recipe please.

  5. Dear Alisa,where did you get your diploma?it was online or how?after some time,was it worthy?becAuse it s often said that these certificates are quite poor in quality….

  6. Disappointed in this video, not giving us tips your just giving us info that we know already. Too much talking and not enough graphics.

  7. Christin Kathleen

    I've been wanting to learn holistic studies! Where did you get your certification?

  8. Thanks so much!!!! xoxo

  9. Why do a video if your not giving any real information in it?

  10. Smart . Makes lot a sense

  11. aren't you a little ball of vegan cuteness

  12. I want to be a holistic nutritionist! The only thing stopping me from enrolling is the fact that it's not covered by OSAP so I don't have $6000 to pay for it on my own 🙁

  13. Hello! I love your video and excellent information. I've been vegan for over nine years and try to eat whole for the Mose part. I drink over 88 ounces of water a day but my elimination process has been struggling. Perhaps it's age since I'm approaching my 50th bday but it's been horrible. Help! Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  14. great video!

  15. You single?

  16. Amazing!!! Such important info!! Downloading the guide!!

  17. they teas me you don't khnow anything abou food

  18. i tell my friend my FAVORITE food is lentil and she is teesing me.

  19. how yo use lentil recepie yo loose wait.

  20. my husband is talking about loosing wait. he does not talk about what's wrong with him. his hating to be lonely. his does not want to tell anybody.

  21. i care of changing the situation.

  22. i can be beasy carring of myself.

  23. how to deal with food in such a situation.

  24. my spacial breakfast is almond milk.

  25. while studing and caring of myself at the samrl

  26. i did not care of the amount of sugar i consumed.

  27. it's so frustrating others to loose wait.

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