How to Order Vegan Food at Disneyland

How to Order Vegan Food at Disneyland I recently went to Disneyland with one mission, to figure out how to order vegan at Disneyland. I have to admit that I …


  1. Wow I had no idea they had a veggie burger at that galaxy restaurant! That’s grea!

  2. Junior JrVegan

    Vince im from the IE, and have annual pass at Disneyland. Thanks for this great video. I just came back from DisneyWorld ohhhhh mangos every spot had 1 or more vegan options… the chefs would come to you and explain everything in the food, and recommend things from other spots… I posted a video feel free to check it out. Hey you know Mike and Jenny… it’s a small world

  3. Not even disneyland recognises the evil and cruel world of animals abuse.

  4. Royalle Wilson

    Just a FYI the gumbo bowl is 100% edible. You can eat the bread and the gumbo. Its sourdough and vegan!

  5. Thank you for this video! Thingamavlogs also made a list of vegan friendly Disney food with a lot of misinformation (primarily about their bread). I had a sneaky suspicion their list was too good to be true lol
    Thanks again for going through the park and asking the hard hitting plant based questions we all want answers to!

  6. this is fantastic… oh my god… the one time i "slipped" since i went Vegan on june 1st was at Disneyland. I thought i had not choice and did not plan…

  7. I'm pretty sure the bread bowls are vegan. It's a sourdough bread bowl and sourdough bread has no dairy unless I'm mistaken.

  8. Royalle Wilson

    I have seen lots of vegans eating the bread bowl with the gumbo and told it was vegan. Also the the fried tomatoes have egg to coat it.

  9. If you want vegan ice cream, of course there are frozen fruit bars at the carts, but there is also Clarabelle's in California Adventure where you can get a berry sorbet dipped in dark chocolate!

  10. I have been told multiple times by different cast members that the bread bowls for the gumbo are vegan, no egg or dairy. I will make sure to ask again next time to see if it's changed, maybe I can get my hands on the ingredients list. I go to the park a lot so I have a blog and instagram account where I document all the vegan options, check it out if you're interested in seeing more! @happiestveganonearth

  11. A tip for the Dole Whip line: Just go on the inside line, like you're about to go into the tiki room (you can just exit after you get your whip; no obligation to see the show). The line on the inside is always a fraction of the length of the one on the outside.

  12. At the Pizza Port as well as the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta in California Adventure, you can get a pizza made special for you with vegan cheese on it if you ask! I'm surprised they didn't offer that to you when you said you were vegan. They have an allergy-friendly crust that is gluten free and vegan. The breadsticks are also vegan (at boardwalk at least, I haven't checked at Pizza Port).

  13. I have seen the ingredients list on the popcorn flavoring at the carts, it is only canola and coconut oil and salt, it has always been vegan unless they changed it recently! What did the cast member say about butter, did they seem like they knew what they were talking about? Cast members are notorious for giving conflicting information, that's why I always try to get them to show me the ingredients lists if I can.

  14. Check out the article I wrote that includes these Disney options as well as the vegan eats at California adventures and downtown Disney

  15. This video is SO informative

  16. Brianna Ladeira

    The popcorn is vegan! It's butter flavored oil FYI!! 🙂

  17. Phoebe Boo_Bird

    I had the vegan burger at the Carnation Cafe my first time at Disneyland and it was DELICIOUS

  18. I've had a friend make a salad from plants in Tomorrowland. Years ago they didn't use pesticides but now they're saturated in them.

  19. Yay! We'll be there tomorrow! Thanks for the awesome vid! We love Rancho del zocalo.

  20. wow vegan disney sucks.

  21. I feel like also over at Bengal BBQ (by Jungle Cruise) they have a vegan (vegetable) kebab…but I'm sure they grill it on the same grill as the meat so it just depends on how far you want to go. Plus it's right around the corner from the Dole whip hut!

  22. I'm confused so is the pizza dairy free or not? The crust has dairy but there is an option? Someone please explain

  23. Its pretty sad there arent more vegan oprions

  24. Vince, thank you so much for making this video. We are headed there in a few weeks, and this was SO helpful. <3

  25. This is great ! I've found that bringing my own food helps. We usually leave the park and take a break and have a picnic in the parking lot with all our vegan goodies. LOL. Saves money too !

  26. Just thought I'd let y'all know. The main street candy store DOES have a small vegan section. It's completely at the very furthestmost north wall. Right next to the exit. They have a small variety of gluten free and vegan goodies. Mostly just rebranded things I. E. They're using enjoylife chocolate with mickey mouse packaging. But it's there!!!! 🙂

  27. Sarah Whiddett

    I really want to start a campaign called At Least One Meal where I encourage all food outlets to have at least one vegan meal on their menu. Not only would that help vegans but also anyone who's allergic to dairy or eggs, anyone who's vegetarian plus anyone who just fancies something a bit different. Surely that can't be hard? But, like you say, always ask. 🙂

  28. Thanks Vince! I used work at Disneyland 20 years ago and held a pass before that. So glad to see vegan options there, because there were very little before (fries, maybe?)

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