How to Meal Prep – Ep. 3 – VEGETARIAN (7 Meals/$3.50 Each)

Here’s another meal prep for you that is vegetarian friendly. Yes, if you’re a ‘meatatarian’… you can ABSOLUTELY make this, too! Good to switch it up, you do …


  1. can't wait to start food prepping

  2. Maria Fernanda Perdomo

    So can I freeze the egg and avocado?

  3. this is so great

  4. Always season as you cook. And 6 minutes for a poached egg, they may as well be hardboiled. Other than that looks great

  5. Can i use white rice

  6. If I'm doing my meals for Monday to Friday for 2 people should I put the cook eggs for the whole week?

  7. You are damn sexy hot.!!! i love you already..

  8. What if you don't like avacodo

  9. I wanna ask… how do we divide the 7 meals?
    do we eat them in two days? or one meal each day? won't they get spoiled (even if they were in the fridge).

  10. You deserve a big thumbs up,great job .

  11. do I have to add vinegar even though I'm boiling the eggs? lol
    I'm confused

  12. what football team did she used to play for I forget the Jets?

  13. Man this friggin awesome

  14. Great videos that are very easy to follow.

  15. Muy buena receta!!

  16. Jennifer Flores Osborne

    I would love to meal prep ! is it even economically possible for a family of 6?

  17. where did you get your pot and pans?

  18. Hi, it's the first time I've come across your channel and is great. Thanks for a quick and easy video and recipe. Keep up the great videos

  19. Althia Mckenzie-smith

    love it

  20. Retro Bit Baby RBB

    seen poaches eggs its a yes from me

  21. hi. thanks for sharing wonderful recipes.  Can you please clearly mention the oil you use in dressings.

  22. Anyone know how to keep any avocado from turning brown? I've tried lemon juice and it sort of works but only for like 6 hours.

  23. l love love love these recipes!

  24. This recipe looks great! How do you prepare the food once you are ready to eat it? For example, do you put the whole container in the microwave or separate the spinach first?

  25. Eggs came from chicken…….hypocrite

  26. Dominique Jennings

    only half way through and LOVE this meal prep so simple!

  27. were you get those container at

  28. Just found your videos and loving them. Question – is there a substitute for avocado. I know I know how can i not eat avocado but just never acquired the taste. Thank you

  29. when your girl has more MASS …than you…

  30. do you have a vegan meal prep video? if not you should really make one

  31. This is such a great idea, I just started watching you guys videos today and I'm inspired. I have saved 6 of your videos for a big meal prep grocery list and I can't wait to start trying them.

  32. vege- tarian. key word vege, eggs aren't vegetables

  33. I would like a video for vegan food !!!

  34. EGG!??? I thought this was vegetarian!

  35. Wont the avacados go bad?

  36. What a great idea putting these foods together. I have extreme IBS and this is really something I can eat. It inspires me to get my meals planned so I dont get so hungry that I eat something that is not as nutritional as this meal. Thanks for the ideas!

  37. which one of your meal program has 2500 calories…….200 g protein……250 g carbs,,,,and rest of the calories fat

  38. Vegetarians don't eat eggs…..

  39. Elizabeth Hernandez

    First timer…interested in meal prep for weight loss purposes…How many meals a day do you eat? And how do I make a plan?

  40. Awesome I have 3 youth athletes and one is a vegetarian. For a busy mom that likes healthy fast meals, this ideas are great. Thanks for the tips.

  41. Poaching the eggs is brilliant! Thanks for the idea!

  42. Nice video, but are you going to eat it with a sauce

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