How To Make Vegetarian Ceviche With Coconut • Tasty

Try something a little nutty and creative with this vegetarian ceviche! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: Subscribe to …


  1. Jeremy Hannaford


  2. This is some gringo thing

  3. This is vegan not vegetarian

  4. How can ceviche not be vegetarian?

  5. Watching them take out the coconut was so satisfying

  6. I like that type of coconut with just lime and Chile powder. Sooooooooo good!

  7. If you want bacon just get some

  8. Why tasty? That’s not ceviche. Sourcing coconuts to places where these do not grow is not an environmentally friendly practice.

  9. varick wettlaufer

    What a joke. Vegans are mentally Ill…LITERALLY!

  10. José Pinteiro da Costa Bisneto

    It's called a fruit salad

  11. Y’all just ruined Peruvian ceviche. Disgraceful

  12. So cant yall vegans come up with your own original stuff instead of spoiling other peoples recipies? Smh

  13. Santiago Harambe

    Now you need to make a giant cookie

  14. claudita garcia ris

    Perú left the chat

  15. Wolfsangel Slade

    used a metal mallet for hitting on a knife… rip knife.


  17. UK Chinese Takeaway Recipes by Alex Wilkie

    What a fantastic channel… Why has no one told me about it..Can't wait to try some of these recipes…Amazing…Just subscribed,,,

  18. This video should be subtitled "Or how to ruin your knife"

  19. Why even call it ceviche when it's not?

  20. Uhhh no

  21. Milk…… I’m sorry did you just say….. MILK?!??

  22. Roberto Landeros

    Mamadas mijo ni se acerca a un ceviche eso y luego ni le ponen el oro verde.

  23. Дарья Сазонова

    raw coconut looks like squid tbh

  24. What

  25. That looks horrible… I recomend everyone to use lentils instead of fish 😉 it might sound weird but i swear its delicius

  26. Drumdrigo Ortiz

    En Veracruz el coco lo cortan en menos de 1 minuto xD

  27. Harriet in the kitchen

    It's yes healthy but i doubt the taste if it was Tasty.?

  28. Armando Aviles 143

    Team up with Matt stonier so he can eat your giant foods !!!

  29. Watching them cut the coconut out of the shell was verrrrrrry satisfying

  30. valen let's do it

    I should try it sometime

  31. wtf is wrong with you people that coconut had a life…FAMILY

  32. 1000th liker

  33. Wow you guys should make vegetarian more often and i am not talking about going vegan plaz be go only to vegetarian

  34. If you are not into coconut, another vegetarian alternative to regular ceviche is cauliflower ceviche; it's been around in Mexico for a while now. Trust's DELICIOUS

  35. Simply Home Cooked

    yeahhh…. I think ill stick to regular ceviche

  36. tasty

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