How To Make Vegetable Lasagna Recipe: Italian Classic: Mom’s Best! Diane Kometa-Dishin’ With Di #104

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe! Italian Classic! Easy! How To Make Vegetable Lasagna recipe video: Meatless: Mom’s Best Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe with …


  1. What oven temperature ? It looks yummy thank you

  2. when you cook the noodles how long should I cook them for

  3. I gave this a shot, can't wait to see how it's going to turn out! Thank you so much hun <3

  4. Love your presentation. I can't wait to try this.

  5. Thank You Di What a Masterpiece delicious dish.

  6. Cant wait to try this!

  7. M I L F L A S A G N A

  8. if we want to bake it in oven then for how much time we have to bake it

  9. Shalini Mendonsa

    Indiana kaking recipe

  10. This looks amazing! I'm going to try and make it later today!

  11. Alessandra Lombardini-Parks

    Nice! BUT…..original lasagna recipe does NOT call for mozzarella. Mozzarella is a variation used in the South. Lasagna comes from Emilia Romagna region in Italy (where I come from) and it is made with fresh ricotta cheese (also used in Tortellini), bechamelle sauce (sauce made with whole milk, butter and a bit of flower to thicken, and flavored with nutmeg), and on top of your lasagna dish a generous cover of grated Parmigiano Reggiano which will create the flavourful crust on top of the tomato tomato. Also a real Sugo di Pomodoro (tomato sauce) used for lasagna should be made with sauteed onion (no garlic, unless you can't do without it!), finely chopped celery and carrots, the basi Italina soffritto with which we start most of our dishes.
    Kudos though for offering the "vegetarian" version of lasagna, instead of the more common with the ragu' sauce.

  12. Yum!!! Great video 🙂

  13. This looks absolutely delicious!! Will definitely have to give this a go!

  14. Use some fresh veggies and make this amazing dish! Full Recipe Here >

  15. i love yout method of lasagna!

  16. Will make

  17. making this for my picnic

  18. she is a beautifull looking woman

  19. Jennifer Collins

    All meals look good I've watched

  20. Your recipes are bomb!

  21. This is a great recipe. Grazie Di! The addition of nutmeg is classic Italian! Good for you. And I loved how you added the garlic and thyme late into the veg. Well done.

  22. This was a scrumptiously delish Recipe, Love your videos Diane!

  23. jaikishan chudasama

    thank u for this recipe

  24. I am a vegetarian person. I liked your recipe for lasgna. Is it possible to make it without eggs?

  25. I am going to make this tonight!!! Ps I love your accent!!!! Are you from New York ??



  27. loved it thank you (: you're beautiful btw (:

  28. Damn. I'm hungry now.

  29. Meatless Monday just got better!  Get Recipe >>  Follow Me!  Facebook >  Twitter @DishinWithDi

  30. Lord have mercy this is my favorite video you have made and i have watched plenty. The recipe is terrific i have made it twice…….the only thing i do different is leave out the nutmeg because i can't do nutmeg- and i roast veggies instead with a little Balsamic Vinegar and holy smokes it is amazing in every way. You go girl- miss your postings……

  31. Love.. love  love..looks so yummy can't wait for the weekend 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. I did not catch it when she said it in the video so i'm gonna ask,what must the temperature of the oven be set at? In degree celcius? What if I have the fan model type of oven? I know that all ovens are at least a bit different so i don't expect it to be the same,but roughly how much?

  33. Some advice: use a bigger pan next time and once your veggies are done cooking, add the tomato sauce straight into them (in the pan) and cook together for 5-7 mins. This will deglaze the pan and you will get all those awesome brown bits (the fondt) at the bottom into your lasagna. It is SO good this way.

  34. How odd I went to the store today bought a green, yellow & red pepper along with 2 boxes of mushrooms. Tomorrow I will go to the store again to buy the rest of the ingredients for this delicious looking vegetable lasagna. I just returned home after going to the store to get the ingredients minus the spinach. Later I will follow the recipe step by step see how it turns out.

  35. thanks for sharing the recipe, looks good and i like the presentation you are excellent .

  36. Wow you make it look so ez. I'm going to try to make the dish. Also your very beautiful.

  37. My goodness that looks fantastic.. i am going to make this today and let you know how it was..
    thank you for this great recipe.
    P.S. you look just like my cousin Tina.. beautiful woman lol.

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