How To Make Vegetable Fried Rice.

Recipe for making vegetable fried rice. With the strong Chinese influence we have in the Caribbean, fried rice is a common dish enjoyed throughout the islands.


  1. I have been watching Chris for years. My first oxtail stew from watching Chris's videos was amazing. I've made it several times since. Chris represents "real cooking" and how to get it done. My go to channel for Caribbean recipes no contest. Thank you Chris.

  2. Yummy really nice cooking keep it up

  3. Leonardo DiCuckrio

    you fat gluttonous flesh-eating prick.

  4. It tastes really good

  5. no Egg?

  6. Can you use mixed frozen veggies with beans and Lima beans, corn, carrots etc?

  7. Nerissa Gaynor

    Great job first time watching I am going to try it

  8. Bih

  9. Mahmoud Hassani


  10. He's as good as Ainsley in the UK, but a little less animated.

  11. Me: sees non white man cooking "oh that's wassup"
    he says "let's make vegetarian fried rice"
    Me: "damn, it's like this vid was made for me"

  12. Ann marie George

    I does boil my rice with salt so I don't have to put any more salt in it but other Dan it's Good.

  13. Thank you

  14. What are scallops?

  15. Grate job! I couldn’t get rice the right way. Use Basmati . Do you have any video how to cook rice for fried rice dish? Big Like to you and to your rice!

  16. enabulele freda

    No maggi!

  17. Looks nice

  18. josee velasques

    Forgot the egg

  19. Thriw some shrimp in there!

  20. Does anyone know about rice and red beans cooked with cloves? Help!

  21. Coffee with Dinner

    Bean sprouts?!

  22. Ashley Hernandez

    Looks amazing. will definitely try. Thank you.

  23. I like chinese food thanks for this receipt

  24. I made it and loved it. Great recipe. No meat needed.

  25. virupakshappa mallappa

    You taking to much man

  26. I will definitely give this a try. Looks delicious!!!

  27. U can add green beans also..

  28. Dis man makin me hungry. Maybe add some bean sprouts next time.

  29. You can add tofu in little chunks fried first and add to the fried rice for your protein.

  30. Jonathan Gardner

    Does this work with coconut oil?

  31. Ur the best yes cook

  32. Seems Lit haven't tried it tho

  33. I like it

  34. This is amazing. Chef

  35. What is the name of the frying pot you are using?

  36. kimberly rodriguez

    Does the rice have to boil halfway for fried rice?

  37. Sandeep Sandeep

    Wow it's a miracle

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