How To Make Vegetable Egg Rolls-Chinese Food Recipes-Veggie Restaurant Style

Egg Roll Recipe @ Make Perfect Restaurant Style Vegetable Egg Rolls-Chinese Food Recipes with Cabbage, …


  1. Binnenste Buiten

    Woman… you are so cute! Delicious recipe thankyou

  2. SimpliciT Reviews

    oh you're so good! it looks delicious and after you took a bite.. i started getting hungry….oooo

  3. Thank very much for reciepe !!!

  4. abcdefg hijklomop

    She's so cute!

  5. Thank you Mai! I'm not sure if I spelled your name correctly. I apologize if I didn't. This recipe is so perfect. I'll never buy frozen egg rolls again!

  6. You're amazing and these were delicious with your instructions.

  7. Yours is d best I love that rack that u have halfway on d pot to drain d oil off

  8. Your videos make me so happy! That “crunch” at the end was EVERYTHING- truly adore your recipes! ☺️

  9. Let’s all have a dinner party at my house at 9:00pm

  10. madam, in your video, you said that you were making egg roll. but I dont know why you call it egg roll if you don't put any egg. did you eat the eggs.

  11. may God save xxtentacion


  12. Seyoum Alemseged

    Thank you

  13. What do bean sprouts taste like?

  14. By far the best egg roll recipe on YouTube making this tonight!!

  15. Good I will make them, looks easy because you are good at it! Thank you, you are a very nice Lady!!

  16. Ylberin Abdullahu

    I'm gonna make them and I hope they turn out like yours, your an expert. Thanks a lot

  17. Thank you, I enjoyed you easy demo. Tried your recipe and it was wonderful!

  18. look delicious going to use your recipe and use Air Fryer to make it a little more healthy..Happy New Year…

  19. You are so adorable! Love this recipe! I'm going to make this today!

  20. Really love your channel!

  21. Delicious

  22. What's is she using a type of pastry ???

  23. thank you you made it so easy for me wanted to know where can I get a wok like you have with the rack on the top I've been looking and only saw the ones without the rack on top thank you

  24. Delicious!

  25. I let the cabbage mixture cool in the fridge over night , otherwise it makes the eggroll wrapper soften and 'melty'. !/:)

  26. Thank you I made them they came out great! I substituted the oyster sauce with mushroom sauce.

  27. ❤️ ur videos wish I was there eating some right now

  28. She seems like she would be very likeable.

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