How To Make Vegan Weight Loss Meals + DEMO!

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  1. Excellent work, thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you great video What about food combining is fruit recommended after a meal

  3. How many portions of this meal are you eating or recomand eating in a day?

  4. Shelly Horton Palmer

    Thank you for that!! and the example helps allot but is this per day or per meal?

  5. BIGD_OTheVegan

    been vegan 5 years, started with RT4 and bounced around..  I NEVER lost weight with that shit despite being VERY active… I have ridden countless Km's on my bike over these past few years and I never saw the wight loss. My body changed a bit in the way it looked (leg muscles more defined) but overall… still am a big fat guy. Not lean really.. About two months ago after seeing a doctor and finding out I'm not as healthy as I thought I changed the way I ate.. I stopped eating a bunch of potatoes, refined sugars, rice and pasta and vegan junk from vegan eateries that claim health foods is what they sell, but in reality they sell garbage ass processed nonsense. and now I mainly have a lot of salads… beans, sushi with just veggies and some Mediterranean dishes now and again and I've lost like 30 pounds.. I also stopped eating so much.. I was really eating a lot because I was advised to do so, I am a large athlete and because I was hungry after cycling and just in general, but now, I've stopped riding as much and I started back jogging… I still have a ton of weight to lose.. I'm at 235 pounds, but I think this might be working, maybe? I dunno.. I'll try hooking up some of these bowl type dishes that you demonstrate here…

  6. I really enjoy listening to how you talk about the science and facts behind eating healthy. It's so much easy to make informed decisions when everything is presented in a simple to learn manner. The pace and clarity of how you speak during the video is very much appreciated. Thank you for the fantastic advice and I hope to see more video from you in the future.

  7. Oktober Arianna

    You're awesome Savy and help so many people including me <3 I started off eating less than 300 calories a day when I was just 13 and I was 14 when I discovered Freelee's videos. I just wanted to find a way to be a skinny. I was very vulnerable at that age and have been restricting myself of essential fat ever since (and binging), stuffing myself with fruit, pasta, and potatoes…and gained weight. I'm 17 and so happy to use avocados/nuts/seeds in my meals and it's all because of you! Thank you
    Much love,

  8. Your back! Yeeeeeh! :-)) Do you still eat one meal a day?

  9. Great video thanks for sharing. I'm going on day 14 weight loss journey.

  10. Banafsheh Zand

    Thank you for your wonderful info. May I ask that you stand a tad further away from the camera?

  11. Yummy!

  12. Vegan Unleashed

    great advice!

  13. David Macdonald


  14. This video is so quality! Love it.

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