How To Make The Best Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe – Meal Prep For The Week

This lasagne recipe is so good you will be happy you meal prep it for the week. The no boil noodles are a game changer for this vegetarian lasagna recipe.


  1. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

    Hey guys, here are the Macros for the entire lasagna:
    3262 calories
    116 grams of fat
    408 grams of carbs
    168 grams of protein
    32 grams of fiber

    glass meal prep containers:

    wooden cooking spoon:

    get my t-shirt:

    balloon whisk:

    portable gas burner:

    olive oil dispenser:

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  2. I have those glass containers – so smart to bake them in the containers!!

  3. I'm not a big fan of mushrooms is there another vegetable I could use?

  4. Could you freeze it, and if so would you do so before or after baking the lazagna. Do you mind giving me a quick heads up on the reheating (or baking from frozen if it can be frozen before baking) instructions? Thank you.

  5. love your channel!

  6. Myroslav Vyspyansky

    It's the first time I see such an upgrade of Béchamel sauce.
    At first few seconds I thought that G.Ramsay and J. Oliver with Gennaro Contaldo will hunt you down for this.
    But now I wonder if I can find anyone do the same thing to Béchamel.. it's unusual.

  7. Looks amazing. So, you mean 326 calories for each slice (10 slices total for the entire lasagna)?? What kind of olive oil is your favorite. There are man out there that are not true. Thanks so much, Bobby.

  8. Rasheedah Morrison

    Bobby you are the best. I have tried to watch a few others who meal prep but they dont hold a candle to you. I couldn't even get through them completely. Your videos make me feel like im a chef. You got me zesting and making spice rubs. Keep them coming.

  9. do you have to talk , just cook!!!!

  10. if you want to make this keto just sub the noodles for zucchini sliced long ways was still super yummy that way and dramatically lowered the carbs and cals

  11. Thanks for giving a no-mushroom options

  12. Hey Bobby! My husband doesn't like mushrooms. What can I use as an alternative veggie? I make your meal preps all the time!!

  13. Hi Bobby , amazing how can you make these meals prep easy, funny and achievable ? But this vegetarian lasagna recipe is not for vegetarian people because you have used milk and cheese. Can you do it with almond milk ? Does it taste good with it? Thanks

  14. Hey Bobby, did you make a barley risotto one time? I can't remember if you did or not… I am trying to find it.

  15. latifah sylvester

    I'm allergic to mushrooms, what would you suggest as a good alternative?

  16. You need your own show. My mom would have loved your recipes.


  18. Another great recipe Love that it fits directly into the meal prep container I missed you

  19. Wow, Bobby you took my request! So cool. Love the channel!

  20. Francheska Sagastibelsa

    what calories??

  21. Francheska Sagastibelsa

    you're the best

  22. Thanks for the alternatives for mushrooms.

  23. Saubhagyini Singh


  24. Alli's All About the Dog

    Any good ny Italian will pronounce it like Rigutta!

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