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Learn How To Make Thai Green Curry on Ruchi’s Kitchen only on Rajshri Food. This Thai Green Curry Recipe is the ultimate thai recipe vegetarian that can be …


  1. Very easy way to make, thank you very much!!

  2. The thai green curry looks as beautiful as you look ma'm.
    am sure the curry was amazing.

  3. so nice. looks yummy. thanx a lot. u are a super duper host. keep it up.

  4. ruchi the coconut milk should be thick or lite in a consistency

  5. I am Thai, just to share you guys here in details. For the basic original, No broccolis , bell peppers, baby corn, mushrooms , vinegar and peppercorn( I don't know your replacement for this ingredient), also the coriander leaves that most of Thai pastes are made with coriander seeds or its roots. Thai basil leaves and red chilies are mostly sprinkled for the last aromatic touch. Eggplants is likely to use the green round which I think it is available in Thailand, so the eggplant is replaceable. Kaffir lime leave is the one of herb ingredients that makes the soup, actually, it is used in almost of Thai soups. If you make Thai spicy salad, u can skip the leaves ( Yum). However, this video looks yummy to try even it is not correct as some herbs are available and many ways to adjust following your own taste. Glad to see your interesting and creativity. Please visit Thailand to try the authentic!!!

  6. This is looks so easy to make, I'm so excited to try it! Your channel is fabulous!

  7. you make lovely dishes .,,,, thumps up…………

  8. that looks so delicious 🙂

  9. Hi Ruchi, Your recipes are as wonderful as you are. Keep posting..)

  10. Pls show us to mak veg souffle.

  11. what is a good substitution for curry leaves? they are not available in my area

  12. My Cooking Channel

    Nice and fresh with full of green veges….. thanks for sharing

  13. oh so look good.

  14. Nice recipeeee cannot wait to try ❤

  15. would be nice if it would show in writing what she is putting in because some stuff isn't easily understood like like leaf or the leafs she puts in at the end because of the accent.

  16. Amazing and easy recipe!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Can you also post recipes of Thai yellow and red curries please?

  17. what if kafir lime leaves are not available?

  18. Jasmine rice?

  19. i just tried it…it came out awesome….!! thank you for sharing this wonderful unique receipe!☺

  20. it's looking yummy

  21. madam this is not authentic style of Thai green curry ..I have seen 1 Indian channel ..she used cliantro stems, cumin seeds coriander seeds white pepper corn, yess sugar or palm sugar too add ..without adding palm sugar Thai curry is incomplete..there is no place for cornstarch in Thai curry…

  22. thanks for prompt reply. Will try the recipe soon.

  23. This is Indo version of Thai Food.checkout Thai food you will find original versions.

  24. what do u say kafir leaves in gujarati

  25. hi Ruchi
    i just saw ur thai curry i didn't understand what leaves did you add into it pls explain

  26. we're do u get lemon grass
    n wts it called in kannada

  27. Seems good……….will try soon

  28. Where can u find kafir leaves in mumbai?

  29. Eggplant is one of the important ingredients of Thai green curry, this could be only geet curry not Thai green curry, and coriander leaves is not at all part of this.

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