How to make Spanish Roasted Vegetable Paella – The Happy Pear Recipe

Here’s our super tasty Spanish Roasted Vegetable Paella that serves 6. We used roasted vegetables and herbs in place of seafood and served it with short grain …


  1. every single paella recipe on youtube, meat or vegan, no matter how its made, has people in the comments saying its not "real paella".

  2. I enjoy your videos and am dabbling a bit with vegan dishes. But saute with water to cut down on fat? It's already vegan! You guys look very healthy but a little bit of fat is actually good for you!

  3. This payeya is a crime aganist humanity, seriously no hate but I cringed so hard

  4. i love your recipes so much….the best I've ever found on YouTube

  5. Melitta Stafford

    really enjoyed making this dish today. I tried adding a little cumin and it really bumped the flavor up. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Still really healthy, but that's an awful lot of salt

  7. Seemin Suleri Miller

    Made this today.. absolutely delicious and so easy to make. Can't believe I have been eating vegetarian for over a week now. Was a massive meat fan, Can't say I have missed it at all

  8. Stephan Richard

    Is it possible to update some of the links to the recipes. They don't work anymore. 🙁

  9. LIfe on a Sunny side

    Holy cow! I just made it with portobello mushrooms and parboiled rice. And it's amazing!! It has a kick from sun dried tomatoes and the wine and tamari.This is so good, I can not even tell you! Thank you very, very much for the recipe!

  10. I made this for dinner today! Very tasty! Thanks for sharing! X

  11. thank you david n stephen for the yummy recipes.

  12. hows this paella?

  13. Lads are the veggies supposed to be roasted off first?

  14. lilmonster90210

    Nice recipe but how is this "roasted" ?

  15. Hey guys, great recipe! So I made this tonight with a little twist. I threw in some chopped up chorizo-style tofu sausage (250g) and about 15 grams of Dulse seaweed to give that seafood flavour and it was delicious. I'll probably throw in a bit more seaweed next time to be honest as it really did lift it and remind me of the original… Seafood is the only meat I miss the flavour of so this helped. Next time I might also throw in some large chunks of portebollo mushroom to give it that meaty texture. Again, great recipe, learning lots from yee! 🙂

  16. Howya, I've just discovered your channel, lads, and I love it! I've been vegetarian since I was 18 and always on the lookout for new ideas – and have found plenty on your channel. So, thanks very much. Keep up the good work.

  17. Michelle Ramsey

    I thought you guys were vegan so why are you using honey?

  18. Made this today and it tasted so goooood! Thank you guys for such a great recipe 🙂

  19. as brothers do you feel like there are too many ideas/conflicts/cooks in a kitchen?
    btw this recipe is PHENOMENAL

  20. could I replace the peppers with any other veg as my son has an intolerance to fructose and peppers tend to be on the higher end of the scale in terms of natural sugar?

  21. Me llaman kings

    I love your channel guys, but as a spanish i have to say this is everything but paella hahahah

  22. Love the way you guys cook and cant wait to give this a shot. I used to make something similar but I used to just throw it all in with the rice and cook it all together. Its hard to get the right amount of moisture like that so Im definitely looking forward to trying this.

  23. can i use something else beside red wine ?

  24. Grendel Alvarado

    loving the videos!!! will try this recipe one night!

  25. I love you guys sooooo much! I love your recipes and I've cooked plenty of them! I love your energy and good vibes, but I'm Spanish and this is a fake paella! Although I'm sure it was delicious! Thanks for the channel 🙂

  26. Just made this tonight and it is absolutely splendid! Thank you for sharing.

  27. Just made it. Tastes great! I've been making your recipes for the past week, they're all very good!

  28. Christine Deviana

    hi, can i just leave out the red wine?

  29. I'm spanish and I'm offended … 🙁

  30. Made this the other day. Sooo good. Great channel guys, thanks so much!

  31. Turmeric is heaps better for you than saffron. Oh wow those beans – when I saw them going in I started craving beans. Great dish, thank you.

  32. I just made this and it was Delicious!! I was all out of rice so used whole grain millet instead and it worked a treat. Thanks for another amazing recipe 🙂 Your recipes are all I cook these days!

  33. I love videos the food is absolutely amazing! You are both so enthusiastic and entertaining with what you make – so inspiring! I have only been introduced to you so will be trying this as my first Happy Pear recipe 😉 

    Just a quick question though – did you drain the rice with boiling water after cooking it or just add it straight in? And out of curiosity why do we do that anyway is the excess starch considered bad for you or something? 

    Thank you for making my day!

  34. that is not the Spanish paella!!

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