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  1. Who else loves porridge? All the recipes are now live on my website // and don't forget to use the code 'PORRIDGE' if you want 10% off my vegan ebook!

  2. Can I use cow milk instead of soy milk or if u know how can i make soy milk at home cuz in India all these things r expensive as compared to cow milk

  3. Love the song and music behind the video

  4. so creative!

  5. We eat Savoury porridge in India actually!

  6. i have always wanted to become vegan but have never been able to afford it, your videos have opened my eyes to simple cheap things i can have alternatively and i have just purchased your book!!! i cant wait to become a full time vegan finally 🙂

  7. in our family, we aim for the cremiest, chunkiest, most delicious porridge, so we cook it over the pan with yahoo rolled oats, a tin of coconut cream (four in our family) and a clutch of sultanas then we serve with brown sugar and milk 🙂

  8. So porridge is basically oatmeal? I knew it!

  9. Kristella Jackson

    I've never had porridge before, but just watching it being poured, I'm just imagining myself laying on the counter with my mouth open and letting all the porridge fall in XD

  10. I was watching this video while actually eating my own oatmeal recipe (just oatmeal with water and some fresh fruit) and my heart died a little for your orange chocolate recipe. Totally try eat, tomorrow haha. I just discovered your channel and I am glad to say I subscribed. Keep going, you doing great 🙂

  11. holy molely that savoury porridge is delicious! I just made it with spelt and it worked really well- little addition: if you add a blob of barbecue sauce it adds a lovely smokiness! 🙂 love all your recipes – thank you!!!

  12. Lilian Zimer Quintal

    Não sou vegana, mas o mingau assado e o mingau salgado me deixaram com água na boca. Yummy!!!

  13. Cinnamon on the end is ok

  14. Is porridge just oatmeal???

  15. Hi Madeleine.
    Your excellent baked porridge using banana , is fantastic.
    Ana makes it regularly now and it is so filling and tasty and cheap.
    Thanks for the great videos.

  16. After making the savoury oats, I don't think I need pasta in my life anymore. One of the best meals I've ever had.

  17. You won't absorb the nutrients unless you ground the chia seeds. Eating them like you did in the third porridge may be looking good and useful to thick the porridge, but nutritionally it doesn't give you anything.

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