How to Make Pierogi / Vareniki with Potatoes | vegetarian recipe vegetarian food dumpling

How to make Pierogi/Vareniki with Potatoes. RECIPE HERE: Support me on Patreon: Get MY FREE E-BOOK …


  1. how many individual pierogies does this make?

  2. Can I substitute buttermilk with fresh milk or something ?? Thank you ..

  3. You are a very good cook.

  4. I love your recipes. Nice tight shots of the process, no wide shots of you in the kitchen rambling on about something. Very easy to follow. Thank you so much.

  5. oh my god, my mouth watering~~~~

  6. wait, are you married?

  7. Those are delicious! I found pierogis at costco in US " Kasia pierogi" they taste like those my mom used to make

  8. I really should make these. They look fantastic! Your videos are so well done. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. AmAmAm. Appetizing & Interesting Work. Happy Weekend.

  10. Hi princess, how are you? That recipe was mouthwatering, I'm going to do it, bye.

  11. Oh my goodness those look absolutely amazing and so delicious Alla, i love that filling.

  12. This Perogi looks amazing, Great job Alla… Have a wonderful weekend…:))

  13. Alla, we are crazy about pierogis here! They aren't the best thing for my diet, but Ms. Lulu is especially enamored with them. You make homemade pierogis look easy enough for anyone! So delish! Thanks for sharing the goodness with us!

  14. очень приятный английский!

  15. i'm going to make this for sure, i love your recipes =)

  16. Thank you for the video

  17. Yuuuuum love pierogi

  18. Country Hill Cottage

    We knew we'd love this recipe when we saw the tasty thumbnail pic!

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