How to Make Mushroom Stroganoff | Jamie Oliver | VEG

This is a cracking little recipe from Jamie’s brand new book VEG, which is definitely not just for vegetarians it’s one for the meat eaters as well. The creamy …


  1. Wow I want that book for Christmas 🙂
    Thank you Jamie, you are my favourite Chef

  2. lol, did you add meat on the plate in the end?

  3. Oh yes, I was thinking what is the best staple to serve the dish with and you dish out basmati rice. Yes, the texture of basmati rice certainly brings out the best of the mushroom stroganoff. So brilliant!

  4. For the number of times he said "veg", mushroom isn't one… Don't think this qualifies as a vegetarian dish. It's meat free and it's delicious.

  5. Looks amazing. Thank you for cooking without meat and for the Veg book. Love from Spain

  6. Hey, Jamie. Please sell your books in Indonesia. It's really hard to find your cooking books in our bookstores. Especially this Veg book. Really really want to buy it.

  7. Any substitute if we dont want to put alcohol ?

  8. I got the book for by birthday, did the potato bake, I like the videos tutorials. Thanks.

  9. i'm vegetarian, I love your cooking, I will be buying your cook book for sure

  10. 03:20 is the haste's kitchen channel music!

  11. Inspiration Saveur Culinaire

    Simple and nice recipe Thank you chef

  12. Thanks for veggie recipes!

  13. Oregano Chillipepper

    looking forward to your next new book: "Jamie's MEAT" – if ya know whadda mean….

  14. a girl in college made me a little and mushroom dish. I can not remember its name or her name.

  15. i just cooked this! didnt have pickled onions and those tiny cucumber thingys and also didnt flame it…. added some worchester sauce tho! amazing!

  16. lol at the fact they grilled the trumpets for better color….missed the mention of that. @2:15

  17. I don't do vegetarian food. Is there some way to make this unvegetarian?

  18. he is a milliardar and you say you

  19. I am currently trying to learn how to cook and i embrace many things, i didnt like to eat before. Also i try to reduce my meat consumption so this is a real nice dish to learn! Thank you!

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