How to make Dolma (Vegetarian) (Assyrian Food)

How to make Vegetarian Dolma Assyrian Dishes Dolma ( Assyrian Food) Assyrian Food, Assyrian Recipes, Assyrian Cooking دولمه، دولمه الخضراوات، دولمه ورق …


  1. This looks so nice. Good on you!

  2. عشتي وعاشت ايدك

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe! Do you know how many times I've asked my grandma and aunt to teach me? We make it a little bit different, but what I like most about your recipe is that you used the remaining vegetables in the rice so you don't waste any food. Great recipe!

  4. Beautiful job,
    but you guys seam to be out of Assyrian music!!

  5. Loved but what about coriander and dill?

  6. Great job, but NO cilantro?

  7. Joly where is the lamp where is the fat forget the health with DOOOOOLMA .LOL …super

  8. Well done….Love it…

  9. this is great thank you for sharing.

  10. Wow I like it

  11. yummy

  12. my fave dish that I love to make I love dolma I make it once a month for my family but they can't do vegetarian dolma they have to have the beef lol but I love it anyways

  13. from one Assyrian to another hey you're doing a great job keep it up btw love the music added in the background sooo beautiful it sounds like sargon Gabriel music I'm not sure lol

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