How To Make Cheese Veg Frankie | Vegetarian recipes – POPxo Food

Learn to make your favourite vegetarian snack, cheese veg frankie, at home! This easy Indian recipe will become your favourite once you try it, trust us! To keep …


  1. v made it n it was soo yummy

  2. bhagyaish Tyagi

    I love u popxo .u are the best.

  3. Bharathi challa


  4. Shaik Riyaz Ahmed Darvesh


  5. Vandana Sebastian

    I love you so much popxo

  6. popxo yum plz do a video on paneer tikka sandwich like pvr plz

  7. padmavathy murthy


  8. yum

  9. so much hygiene …i love this channel…

  10. Jennifer D'souza

    thank u popxo I have been requesting it for past 3 weeks

  11. what's that yellow chutney made of?

  12. i love this video❤

  13. hy I love this
    but the thing happened with me is like that cooking expectations v/s reality

  14. yummmm!

  15. I tried was delicious

  16. Sunakshi Sharma

    can you please explain how to.make maida roti plzz reply

  17. wonderful idea …..I will surely try this


    how to make momos videos?

  19. is this cherry ?

  20. Hey !! Can u pls make a video on how to cook spaghetti ❤

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