How To Make a Vegan Curry

Today I show you how to make a delicious Vegan curry. You won’t believe it’s vegan! It tastes & looks identical to meat, except there are no traces of meat in this curry whatsoever. Thinking…


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  2. I’m a vegan for 7 years! This video is hilarious!

  3. the content on this channel has been stellar lately, really cool to see

  4. I feel your pain I was so happy to c the eggs smash then the curry vanished

  5. It triggered me that at 5:49 he left a tiny bit of egg after cleaning it to the left of the black thing (idk wht its called)

  6. Why are you mad at those eggs?

  7. Damm did I get tricked into watching a cooking video

  8. now we know his struggles in life

  9. Maxmoefoe is howtobasic, I can feel yolks coursing through my soul

  10. Tofu isn't vegan

  11. ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹

    I wonder…

  12. Unique guy but healthy meal

  13. #14 on Trending

  14. CaspianWolfSpirit

    I originally thought the title of the video was 'How to Make a Vegan Cry'…

  15. Number one on treding

  16. oh yea these don't get old at all

  17. Finally a real vid

  18. This is fucking trash dawg.

  19. Was anyone else annoyed by the song lol


  21. I would have put the tofu in the oven and baked it then added at the end. Tofu is best crispy.

  22. He cooks so properly, Gordon Ramsay is impressed

  23. It’s too normal

  24. 8:05 •_•

  25. Dynamics of Static

    no longer interesting all the same thing and boring and replayed

  26. Michael Hoelters

    Imagine the Vegans watching this having never heard of HowToBasic. The pain in their soul

  27. This has got so many views in 2 days, and 1 on trending!

  28. Plz doo how to make egg soup

  29. i thought this bloke was meant to be australian? like he has master foods and pretty sure that’s an aussie thing.who the fuck says bell pepper instead of capsicum in australia?

  30. Natacha García

    The recipe was okay, but all that mess with the eggs and sausages the was not funny or creative at all. Pretty disgusting actually. 🙁

  31. Vadsvol Challenger

    next how to make a chinese pork bun

  32. J'aime la viande

  33. Not gonna lie this looks delicious

  34. You've turned into a monster

  35. Pls save us from fortnite
    Teach us how to uninstall fortnite and then throw lots of eggs at your pc and smash it with basically any tool in your arsenal

  36. I swear i did this…it actaully tasted ok

  37. I can't watch theses nomore after knowing it's vsauce

  38. He could be such a good cooking channel.

  39. radioactive ood

    Dumb dish

  40. I love this knifee

  41. Dear HTB. How to make perfectly polished aluminum foil ball?

  42. well then

  43. I like turtles ?

    how to don't… vegans suck

  44. I was so mad that something like this gets onto top trending, but then I saw the comments and all was right.

  45. Péter Márk Bíró

    Pls..the next video name.."How To Make a Vegan LeBron"

  46. xxxuselesspricksxxx

    Finally! You did it! You not messed up! Congratulations! How to basic is mentally healthy again!

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