How To Lose Weight Fast In Winter 5 kgs In 15 Days – Full Day Indian Diet/Meal Plan For Weight Loss

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  1. Karishma Matlani

    mam is having fruits at night has sum side effects???

  2. Can red chillies replaced by green chillies?

  3. Is this effective for men?

  4. Shashawat Mishra

    Viewer's dr salini kyo likha rahata hai aap me

  5. Angelia Faustina Kostka Kostka

    I will try it out his soon thank for sharing from Malaysia

  6. Baishali Palodhi

    Instead of coconut oil…. can I use mustard oil…?

  7. Hello ma'am. I'm allergic to moong dal. Can I substitute it with masoor dal ( red lentil). Do I have to omit using white sugar in tea and coffee completely. Please reply. Thank you for your valuable time.

  8. Hi mam. Just a little clearification. What u r showing is pearl millet and it is called juari not bajra I think

  9. Bajra cheap!?

  10. Can i replace oats powder with besan?

  11. borra nagaranjani

    Thyroid patients can have millets mam

  12. can I use olive oil???

  13. Maam I don't eat egg also can u provide any other option for that??

  14. Hi.. Alternative to egg. Being a vegetarian don't eat egg

  15. Mam… R u from kerala?

  16. Nice mam

  17. Super mom thanQ mom very helpfull

  18. It's not Bajra it's Jowar…

  19. i am frst

  20. Debapriya Chakrabarty

    Hi Nisa!

    can I replace Dalia instead of jowar/quinoa. also can i add soyabean or mushroom or small chicken chunks in the khichadi

  21. Jo egg na khata ho uske liye mam

  22. Umadevi Anantharaman

    Substitute for eggs
    Can someone tell me

  23. Avtar bhatti bhatti

    Miss I don’t eat even egg so what should i put instead of egg

  24. Mam give ta oil nam of wich we can use for cooking in weight loss deit ……. please reply fast wich we can afford

  25. What is another option for oats?

  26. Instead of jowar/bajra pls suggest me another dal

  27. I have a food allergy of moong dal….wat can I use instead of that

  28. Nishant Prajapati

    if we skip egg, so instead of egg which is the other option ingredient we can put in this omelet

  29. madhumadhuri akula

    Hi mam can we eat non veg items with kichidi at lunch time

  30. princess Aizah Khan

    i have no coconut oil can i use norml oil

  31. Are the fruits like guava, honey dew, allowed?

  32. Is it okay to have moringa, ashwagandha and green tea in between?

  33. I have a question. What is the option for vegetarian. Instead of eggs what should I use for oats omelette?Thanks for recepies

  34. Mam , i don't eat egg.. then what should i use to replace egg in the recipe of oats omlette.?

  35. Plz do share the link to buy the iron pan that you used to make omelette ..plz

  36. could you please tell how much calories this plan contains?

  37. I will surely try this

  38. Nidhi Thakur's Vlog

    Very nice

  39. Very use full

  40. Thank you so much mam i have lost my 4 kg in 10 days

  41. I am the person whos tryng to lose belly fat i found ur channel useful mam tNq love ysm ❤❤

  42. If I try anything new for drinking m getting my period early

  43. Anushanikhil Nemalikonda

    Hello mam thanks for uploading the video.. I have a query that can we use ghee when we are planning to reduce our weight. I am asking u because u have cooked Bajra kichri with ghee..

  44. Louce previtoonhow to

  45. Thanks mom

  46. Unhealthy in long term

  47. tushar chorghepatil

    mam r u sure I'm 80 it will realy work ??I will lost 5 kgs ?? pls reply mam

  48. ita not bajra its jawar

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