How to Lose Weight as a Vegetarian

How to Lose Weight as a Vegetarian. Part of the series: Controlling Your Weight. Losing weight by being a vegetarian is done because vegetables are so …


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  2. Reagan Cameron

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  3. Rodrigo Gallegos

    This is a very, very stupid video.

  4. Your only a true vegetarian if you don't eat eggs and fish like fish is a meat for any of you retarded and stupid people that think is not meat

  5. of course she tells us to eat fish when there’s a mypyramid behind her

  6. A "vegetarian diet" that includes fish is called pescatarian, fish is still meat

    In my case it all came very naturally, I use to walk an hour a day, but still it wasn't enough for me to start losing weight. I just switched and saw the numbers going down by every week (I still walk an hour a day)

    By the way I only used to eat white meat, it's a myth that poultry doesn't make you gain weight

  7. This was not helpful at all…

  8. The ONE Veggie You Need to STOP Eating to Lose 1 POUND of Belly Fat Every 72 Hours! check it here –>

  9. Fish!!!! I don"t believe this channel since when did vegetarians eat fish. Also it didn't explain how this makes me lose weight

  10. Peter Fitzsimmons

    Fish!?!?!?!? That's not part of a vegetarian diet!

  11. I did Keto for 2 months and all it did was help me gain 5 pounds,less energy,fat ass got bigger. The only time lost weight was when all I ate was fruits and veggies so I'ma go back to that. Fuck all the other shit.

  12. I don’t believe this channel because eating a lot of vegetables makes you fat

  13. But here's the problem.. I have lived 20 years on the low carb diet.. when I start adding fruits and vegetables my weight starts to soar.. they are loaded with sugar and a lot of carbs in vegetables. potatoes have starch and fat, bananas are another thing that I like but they send my weight up. I mean my body seemed so sensitive to gaining weight anymore. I'm 61 and I've had this problem for 20 years of my life at least. So sick of fad diets and I don't have another 20 years to lose 20 to 30 lb Jesus Christ how can we in America with all the salt and sugar and fat and sprays and chemicals that still being on its war foods get a clean diet and lose weight and get rid of the weight.

  14. Since when is fish not an animal lmao

  15. Who here is a vegetarian that eats fish? How am I supposed to believe this channel

  16. vegetarians don't eat fish.
    that's a pescetarian diet.

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