How to Lose Weight and Get More Energy in 15 Days

Author Naomi Whittel explains how intermittent fasting and protein cycling work in the 15-day plan to reset your body. Find out what you can eat on low-protein …


  1. World War 2 Veteran

    what if you overeat during the window period?

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  6. After adhering to this diet for a period of a couple weeks, I was able to drop twelve lbs. You ought to google the "fetching tuti space" for more information! I`ve been using this one for the last 60 days together with CLA. I have been more than happy with the results and will continue to use this program..

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  8. Wow sounds good. I weighed 210 pounds a couple of months ago and hated myself. Working was a struggle as I had to run back and forth down halls (nurse). I've set daily excercise goals and they did not work. I was in a diet for about a month. I lost 4-5 pounds during that month. I was so disappointed to the point where I had to get a personal fitness trainer. My personal fitness trainer helped me set goals I never thought I would have accomplished. He also recommended me some books to buy that keeps me in shape when im traveling or when I have spare time. I'm currently using it to keep myself in shape.
    I currently weigh 158 pounds. Hope my method works for all of you as well and have a great day!

  9. I feel like they shouldn't call this fasting when the motive behind it is not religion based and it's just diet based…you should call it starvation tbh

  10. I have lost 15 kgs in 2 months ask me how i have got amazing results and i am ready to help more 🙂 i can help from wherever you are
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  11. I have an absolutely guaranteed diet. Absolute.
    Firstly, if you've no true medical problem, then metabolism or no, It's a no brainer. If you are unable or unwilling to eat the proper foods, then weight loss can still be a guaranteed breeze. DON'T EAT.
    If you don't put it in your mouth, it won't end up on your ass. Hello, what's the problem.
    If you think you've tried everything else, and you honestly have no objection to going under the knife;
    which is in fact dangerous,
    It's a no brainer.
    Fact; if you don't eat –
    you'll lose.
    "It's not as easy as that".
    I know of no example in the history of life where this has failed to be true.

  12. 25g of protein a day? Say goodbye to your gains.

  13. So what do u do on high days

  14. when you got into the wrong side of youtube because your eating fatty stuff…
    and then you feel bad for your self and cry?
    or is that just me?

  15. Just eat healthy and exercise… it’s all about balance… stop lying to people … don’t starve yourself … eat and burn, that’s life.

  16. Nonsense u hv to eat every two hours

  17. How often could someone use the low day?

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  19. You cannot eat whatever you want. You still need caloric deficit.

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    if you really want to loose weight then go for neuherbs

  21. im 14 and 70 kg, what could work well for me? i was 39 kg when i was 12, gained over 30kg in 2 years

  22. Hey guys I’ve been down a road of self-discovery. Regardless if I have been on a self-journey I’m curious to actually find something that works. I have tried everything, and I mean everything. I went from keto, to vegan, to fasting, and intense workouts to starving myself. Working out on little to no food was a big no no. My body went into starvation mode and decided to eat the only nutrients it had to offer my muscle….the little I had. Sadly, the fat stayed. Literally dying at this point, I had no idea what to do. Until a friend of mine discovered this great blog I have now lost over 35lbs in a little over a month and I feel blessed. I told myself keep trying anything and everything because you are not a failure. It’s when you completely give up have you failed. Then you can utter the poor words of failure. I now know so much on diet and exercise I feel I need to spread the knowledge. Don’t give up on that flat stomach no matter how far away it may seem.

  23. Peanut butter is also super high in fat so I wouldn't recommend it…maybe almond butter.

  24. How is fasting healthy?

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  26. Or just…EXERCISE?!

  27. WHY SO LITTLE PROTEIN??????????????

  28. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRONG

  29. It is so hard sometimes to get into those diets. I am so demotivated to start it again. It is all about a 15 day program or a 30 day program… I know there is no simple way, but with the daily stress I am dealing currently it is a nightmare. I decided to take a different approach, starting of with various tea products, I find it helpfull especially when I discovered this article about a certain red tea maybe some of you had somekind of experience with it? The point is I am willing to start a new approach and I don't want to give up. But at this point with all the work it is just so hard to stick to a strict diet plan…

  30. Help …. my body seems to be holding on to fat or water for dear life , I’m breastfeeding/ 8 months postpartum

  31. I don’t know how much you know about key tones and ketosis. But it's changed my life. I feel better and have lost a lot of weight. You should go see this video

  32. My tip to losing weight really fast… Eat a toast bread with peanut then work out and then eat tuna for dinner… lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks.

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