How To Lose Weight 1 Kg In 1 Day – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast 1 kg In A Day – Indian Meal Plan

Want to lose weight fast? lose 1 kg in a day for a party, then try this easy full day indian meal/diet plan to lose weight fast. #dietplan #loseweightfast #lose1kg …


  1. Can I have 1 bowl of rice in the afternoon?

  2. can poha be alternative in breakfast????? and dinner too???

  3. can we have any other sbzi instead of raddish because everyday we can't eat raddish

  4. Mam can I have roti and flax seed raita without sabji

  5. reshmi lalitha Kumari

    Hello madam recently I saw your diet plans I am very much interested I want to take this diet there is any substitute for moli

  6. Can I replace idli with bran bread? If yes, than how many loaves of bread am I allowed to take?

  7. hi akka I have thyroid can I use this plan.

  8. Full day how many glass of water drink
    Normal water or detoxes water tell plz

  9. Hi I don't like radish curry plz tell another vegables plz iam waiting plz

  10. please tell madam
    eating ground nut make fat
    how to eat ground nut without get fat . if we heat ground nut what will happened is it good for wait loss
    tell me plss.. .

  11. can breastfeeding moms take diy turmeric tea for weight loss ?

  12. Hello mam, I am a South Indian and love idli dosa rice. Can you give some more recipes for weight loss?

  13. Hello Nisha awaiting reply .. what other vege I can use besides raddish

  14. hi nisha.i love your channel.i follow your recipe completely. it's doing wonders to my health.just wanted to ask you that can I have your ACV drink in the morning and go for this tea at bedtime as I am short of time in the morning. please reply

  15. Trying this diet .. any other vegetable besides raddish can be taken ? Please suggest

  16. Nisa ji , how many idli's at 1 time?

  17. If i cannot have lemon …so something instead of that???

  18. Anitha Elangovan

    can I take golden milk instead of tumeric tea and l don't like curd instead of that???????

  19. turmeric tea is supposwd to be had after dinner or before dinner?

  20. substitute for radish vegetable please?
    plus thanks a lot for such amazing healthy recipes especially indian and vegetarian, i keep looking for veg recipes.
    keep sharing!

  21. Maam. I don't eat curd or yogurt..can I skip or can u give me other option.

  22. can we have suji idli also

  23. Debarati Banerjee

    can i hv some boiled chickpeas (lil stir fried in coconut oil and pink himalayan salt) in between breakfast and lunch…i feel hungry 🙂

  24. can I use any other vegetable other than radish


    my 10kg weight loss 5day wow!

  26. If I feel hungry between these three meals,what should I do then?

  27. can we have poha in breakfast?

  28. can i follow this for 10 days and lose 10 kg? please reply
    this is by far the easiest diet plan

  29. mam can I have for 10days continuously to lose 10kgs–waiting to get started with ur advice

  30. Deepshikha Mishra

    Is there any alternate for raddish?

  31. can I replace the turmeric tea with green tea at night?

  32. Santosh Kumar Malana

    can I have my dinner at 8:00 pm

  33. Is this suitable for diabetic people…?

  34. Any thing other than roti chapatti please. what are all the veg substitutes

  35. firnass abdulazees

    amazing….i will try. thanks for share.

  36. started this diet plan from today..will share the results after 10days..

  37. Priyanka Kadam - Pawar

    after launch evening mai bhukh lage to Kya Lena chahiye?
    or after dinner ?plz reply

  38. Very nice awesome tips I like it mam can l eat gravy instead of sabji please reply

  39. Sandipana Chakraborty

    I really appreciate this diet plan & wish to follow it. but I severely dislike raddish….plz suggest an alternative sabzi for this!

  40. Sarika Prathyusha

    can u please tell me can I eat some fruit salads for lunch and dinner ..? and can I drink some butter milk at my bed time ?

  41. Dumpa Dakshayani

    Can drink milk with turmeric before bed

  42. urdu me bat kia krain

  43. hello mam..just last night I came across your channel. and they're quite neat & informative. would like to ask suggestion for midnight food after dinner. my husband works till 2am in the morning & he's not able to avoid to munch into some processed food like biscuits while working. he's been under health management regime since october but its not properly applied due to his working midnight. he has sugar health issues & hypothyroid as well.

    also i would like to ask if you are also in sort of having thyroid health issues to come up with this particular videos or just your passion & care to share health infos?

    honestly, i will try adding these diet plan to my husband's health regime.

    thank you & God Bless.

  44. Plz comment any positive result… caz I want to try this diet schedule….

  45. From 2yrs I am in diet and I was able to reduced only 8 kg . till today I am in diet.

  46. Pls share a diet chart to lose 5 kilos in a month

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