How To Host A Vegan Thanksgiving

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  1. the mother is so cute

  2. That mushroom wellington looks amazing!

  3. Vegans are cancer

  4. honestly fuck Rachael making her family’s life ten times Harder in order to cater to her own selfish needs poor mom honestly

  5. Was already going to do a Wellington, but just saw this recipe and love that I won't have to read anything!

  6. Damn, I fucking love steak snd Turkey. Why else were animals on the world. We dont eat them theirs gonna be to many

  7. Toledo Tourbillion

    Bread contains eggs right?

  8. Doesnt white bread contain milk, graham crackers and puff pastry as well contain dairy milk or egg

  9. Eeeewwww

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  11. Yesssss

  12. The mom is so sweet 😀

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that Rachel looks like Anna Murphy(Vocalist of Cellar Darling, ex-vocalist of Eluveitie)?

  14. 0% of comments: People hating on vegans

    100%: WhHy dO pEoplE haTe on VeganS So mUcH

  15. Philip kjellgren larsson

    Ya dont

  16. Our Christmas dinner used to be barely vegetarian, but now everything on the table is vegan except for the Turkey. I make this bug roast that my family love as well, the dinner has really barely changed, and everyone adores it

  17. Nope i can't trust anyone that doesn't eat meat.

  18. vegans and their diet are widely hated and that is clear, but dumbass meat eaters flock to videos clearly titled "vegan" to spew viciously ignorant hate. wtf, where is the logic?

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