My shopping list this week included sweet potatoes, freekeh, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, zucchini, carrots, celery, cauliflower, beetroot, hemp seeds, red …


  1. Alltime favorite video on YouTube. Thank you!

  2. haha i love your accent! 🙂 thanks for this!

  3. your accent is beautiful

  4. just a question after ur meal prep did you need to keep it inside the refrigerator and reheat it again ? cause i did not have a oven for myself.

  5. where does the egg whites come into it?

  6. Fantastic video!! I'm starting as a veggie and this is the first channel I've found that has actually helped me feel confident about doing this as I was getting a bit overwhelmed!! Which shops do you go to for your products? And where do you get your food prep boxes from and what oz are they as i don't want to under or over eat! If you could answer those questions I'd be so appreciative, thank you in advance!

  7. i did this last night, ever so impressed with the results, I had my first box for lunch, it was delicious. I'm interested to see how the box's last in the fridge over the 5/6 days….also i couldn't see where the egg whites go?

  8. johnathan taylor thomas is a vegitarian

  9. i loved your video i got so many ideas. i cant wait to try them ;)

  10. Hey! Have you thought about – batama weight loss adept (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister got cool results with it.

  11. Michelle,s Kitchen

    they all look like yummy food, Im trying to find a 7 day meal prep to loose weight for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks. I need to loose a lot of weight i thought if i prep my meals i will only that food. can you give me some advice please

  12. Would it not go off bad during day four ? Looks nice though..

  13. Cut the eggs out and go vegan.. wtf?

  14. Hi, do you heat these up in the microwave or eat cold from the fridge? Great videos, thanks!

  15. Always so inspiring!

  16. do the veggies stay fresh throughout the week? I am scared to meal prep for the whole week :(

  17. So inspirational!! I start a new job next week and will start get on my meal prep game! You got yourself a new subscriber!

  18. +BakingMadGymAddict  just saw this video as my first meal prepping one for veggies and i really love it!
    although i do have a question: is that all you eat over the day or how do your other meals that day look like? and how about the veggies keeping their "crunchyness" and freshness during the week? i do cook quite a lot but never have done a meal prepping before and would really like to do it just for the same reasons you mentioned in your video. hope you can help 🙂

    (PS: awesome spatula ^_^)

  19. Do fresh veges/salads really last all week? Won't they get gross after a few days sitting around in the fridge?

  20. So you eat the same dish for a whole week?

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