How To Cook Tofu With Vegetables-Stir Fry-Vegetarian Recipes

Tofu With Vegetables Recipe available @ Eggplant Recipes-Tofu Recipes-How To Cook Tofu-Eggplant.


  1. Thanks but it's not vegetarian with the oyster sauce…I can maybe leave it out?

  2. yumyumyum..

  3. just cooked this dish, excellent!!!. thanks for the video

  4. y oyster source not

  5. This is one of the best looking vegeterian dishes I have ever seen.

  6. Does it affect the overall taste of that dish if i take out sugar completely, could it be replaced somehow more naturally?

  7. nice i loved the presentation good job

  8. Osama Ibn Mohammed

    All praise due to God, Lord of the worlds.

  9. Faraon Beats | J. Sanchez

    NO OIL

  10. good for me. didn't know pre cooked tofu available, and now i do, thanks to you. thanks also for well presented list of ingredients and instruction.

  11. I'm sorry but if the title of your video says : how to cook tofu….perhaps you should show us how to go on about cooking tofu. Otherwise we can all buy cooked tofu.

  12. this is great easy and yummy

  13. Emily Kristina Charles

    May I just say oyster sauce is not vegetarian

  14. mmmm definately trying it

  15. Thank u for sharing

  16. What is the name of the background music tracks?

  17. delicious,thanks

  18. Great video! :)

  19. can i use other oil available instead of sesame u mentioned?

  20. Cresenciana Cachapero

    so yummy tufo & vegetables..

  21. How much olive oil did you use? The recipe looks easy to make and delicious.

  22. This is great, I made it with tofu I cooked myself though.

  23. It's so beautiful!! Great job!!

  24. looks great !! must try!!

  25. thank you for the recipe. i tried it and i think its delicious :)

  26. Griselda “grisexy” Ramos

    What's the website so I can see the list ingredient measurements

  27. I like this recipe. Did not know that there was precooked tofu. I will look for this in the Asian grocery store. 

  28. Looks lovely, the oyster sauce and sugar are a no no for me though…..

  29. She doesn't add salt. It is sweet 

  30. Isco “Buendia” Ortiz

    Hi, thanks for the great recipe and video demonstration. I noticed you posted this as a Vegetarian recipe but you have included Oyster Sauce – are there any vegetarian substitutes for this? The huge majority of us don't eat fish. Thanks!

  31. Hi,
    which soy sauce did you useb there are different kinds at my grocery store

  32. 看起來好吃,解說的很清楚,辛苦了

  33. Looks easy and tasty! Thanks for the recipe and demonstration.

  34. I made it (without oyster sauce because we are vegetarian, almost vegan) and it was an amazing success !!! thanks a lot for this lovely and easy recipe !

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