How to Cook Filipino Food / Vegetarian+Vegan friendly

How to cook filipino food! And more specifically, how to cook lumpia! And for my vegetarians/vegans, I kept you in my thoughts! Its that time of the year for holiday …


  1. A vegetarian and Filipino? takes the Filipino card away jk.

  2. i had so much watching this vid maya, pastilan filipino dayka haha

  3. loved it!

  4. "stop being so bastos" hahahhah i cant even

  5. "THE KUW'AN" HAHAHAHHAHA spot-on with the Filipino-ness, Miss Shameless!!!

  6. Lol this is so true. I so regret never bringing sinigang and adobo to school.

  7. Ate, i love your hair.


  9. Ok I just wanted to learn how to make vegetarian lumpia but you're so not funny and your annoying jokes took up too much time!! Sheesh!!

  10. I cracked up when the lumpia blew up! the scream was hilarious!

  11. too bad the song isn't available anymore! i love lumpia and the song is fire! lumpia is life!

  12. You're the best!!!! :D

  13. Yummy vegan food!

  14. omaygod. I love you!

  15. hahaha U've got such a great sense of humor,i love it!U just made my day of that accent! lol..vegan lumpia is one of my favorite since when i was a kid haha especially that i am visayan and had accent like u lol. shameless maya

  16. Masarap! You crack me up :)

  17. omgg bisaya ka? hahaha dios ko ginoo, this accent. 😀 I love lumpia as well.

  18. Very funny!!! Can't wait to try the recipe. Looks great.

  19. in Malaysia & Singapore we call it Pohpiah, pronounced "poh pee yah"

  20. masarap kaya yung lumpia diba shameless
    right lumpia is delicious too. shameless

  21. never seen vegetables cleaned with soap before…

  22. liberal gentleman

    Total babe

  23. does she pretend that accent? or is it real?

  24. Lol, you are hilarious…thanks

  25. Your Bisaya is so on point! lol! this vid made me laugh til the end!!

  26. sus ginoo ko naginarte paman chopstick chopstick naay thong ginoo ko

  27. lol. just discovered this in 2016

  28. I love the impression of your mom! So cute!

  29. oh i love her..shes really pinay

  30. i use egg white as glue

  31. Watching this in 2016, and still gets me everytime! I love you LOL <3


  33. Omg you're bisaya hahaha im going vegan!

    I'm sorry, but I think I have to say this. I'M YOU'RE Fckng No.1 FAN

  35. Sitting Pretty Lolo

    My grandma (100 % filipino) made the bombest lumpia! Shoutout to my fellow filipino beauty!!

  36. hahahahahaha kaasar ka! super cute…… love the accent.hahaha

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