How to be a Healthy Vegetarian for Beginners

Learn how to create your own vegetarian starter kit and find out the essential vitamins and minerals you need to keep on your radar. For more information on …


  1. Very respectful comments in this thread. Not one mention of how HOT these two women look.

  2. what about B12 shots? are they good to take?

  3. Your floor will be messy after throwing all those papers on the floor

  4. Hey I just wanted to ask if either of you guys have researched that our body naturally makes B12 itself? Because I have come across a statement that has said that on Youtube. Thanks if you can help!

  5. MangoesAndMovement

    What's wrong with Carbohydrates exactly?

  6. It's all about the environment. Meat is healthy, but farming is causing mass global warming.

  7. About to transition to be a vegetarian. I youtubed it, and here I am. I will be subscribing.

  8. AllisterCooper2008

    Junk food is junk food is junk food. Well said.

  9. Congrats on ur education…those are not easy degrees

  10. you two make me smile, nice video

  11. Kimberlie Ramirez

    Super helpful keep up the good work

  12. Pleasant Morning!!! I'm new to the channel and congratulations to you both!!! I lost all my curves and know I'm doing something wrong,lol!!! Should I be eating more protein?

  13. I'm going vegetarian for 1 week next week to try it and hope to continue it in the future and this video really helped as for once I have found a channel where people actually know there stuff I would love it if u replied and if there were any tips as I am quite young (13) to be trying to transition, anyway I would love your help

  14. I think it is nice you have such an open approach, not judging meat a field where there are a lot of boring talks full of overwhelming information , i thought you are doing a brilliant job explaining what to eat!!! Thank you so much!! I am a vegetarian who needs to learn what to eat!!

  15. this is my first show I can't wait to catch up congratulations on all the success ##YissaL check out my poetry iLLzWiLLz

  16. Wolfie's Wonderful World

    Can I start by eating multi vitamins

  17. Congratulation to the both of you ladies on your educational success. I am transitioning in becoming a vegetarian and found this video to be very insightful! It feels wonderful that I found two individuals who have an actual educational background in nutrition. Keep up the good work.

  18. I was vegeterian for 5 months and I lost 25 lbs but now I have low blood pressure and I get dizzy really easily so I stopped , now im going back but this time ill do it right ! thx for ur help :)

  19. Get a better camera! :)

  20. RememberToday4ever

    I'm a new Vegetarian. Thanks for uploading this very helpful video !

  21. Shannon Meade Miller

    I should have had a pen and paper. Alot of great info! Tried being a vegetarian years ago, but definitely did it the wrong way. Toying with the idea again since I am tired of meat and processed foods.

  22. Omgthank you so much for this video! For someone like me who's a Hispanic ethnicity you know our diet is very meat heavy. I've been trying to figure out ways to cut a lot of my meat consumption down to where I rarely need to eat meat, but I of course had no idea how or where to start. The one thing I didnt want to do was to go into this change head first and then go back to binge on meats. I appreciate the breakdown of this video, and leading me in the right direction to start a healthy new beginning! Wish me luck!

  23. Thanks ladies.

  24. Jesus, that introduction took for ever.

  25. aye!! stop throwing paper on the floor

  26. Hi! I just started a youtube channel about me struggling with anorexia! It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out! Have a lovely day!

  27. Great Video

  28. Where are/did you ladies receive your MS and dietician degrees from ?

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