How LA's Vegan In-N-Out Tastes

Monty’s Good Burger in Los Angeles is known by locals as the vegan In-N-Out, but does it really taste that good? We went to the restaurant to try the burgers with …


  1. John Mario Zarrilli

    Been here before its ok..nothing special. Its just "IN" right now because word of mouth and social media, it is ludicrously overpriced as well lol…

  2. All the customers were fat.

  3. should have blindfolded them

  4. She loves it so much but its not meant to be vegan. This may be proof that deep down she wants to eat like other people do.

  5. You know when you are still chewing the "meatless" burger for 10 minutes. I once tried vegan nachos at LA's Smorgasburg never again keep your plant-based. I'll stick to turkey/beef burgers.

  6. vegan HOFFER:!

  7. Michael Boykin

    "In-N-Out's great flaw is its fries?" BYE!

  8. These females ooze valley girl, "im vegan and feminist, i think all men are trash, i try to seem complex by "reading books" but really i just get dicked down by my local bartender"

  9. Girl with glasses did not like that food bruh the blonde girl was smaaakin

  10. Miguel Castaneda

    wonder how fast it shoots out of you..and

  11. If you eat enough whole wheat bread you will feel full, I guarantee it and I'm not talking about store bought whole wheat bread. This is simple home cooked hot, fresh bread with a nice crust. I ate it everyday for like 15 months for about 95% of my calories. But oh noes, you have to bake a little bit. 15 minutes of labor time, and maybe 3 total hours of wait time (for dough and bake). Same goes for whole wheat pasta. If these don't work, you can find some starch that will fill you up to the gills and you will be happy as a clam. Just look for it and you will find it.

  12. 4:26
    Then eat meat.

  13. that meat sub really looks like ground beef. maybe secretly they're using 80/20 ground chuck. to make it taste so good. for $15 it should be good.

  14. Christian Justin

    Ron Swanson already proved whats better

  15. O my gawwwd. These girrrls?? are like, soooo annoyyyeeeeng….

  16. Brandon Wright

    It’s not you can’t eat that puta it’s you won’t eat that.

  17. Abunch of queers and weirdos..

  18. Lol…plant based meat….you mean vegetables…meat is meat

  19. Yknow she's vegan when the blonde eats the burger UPSIDE DOWN

  20. suicide LEOPARD

    That Lil Peep poster is golden. R.I.P. lil peep ❤❤❤

  21. Plant based patty made in a laboratory.

  22. gotriceandshrimp

    Not bagging on them on anything but I never understood the sentiment of leaving eating meat but always looking for meat substitutes….? Not only that it's almost meat imitation. Why not just make something new and delicious instead of trying to emulate the very thing that you're disgusted by?

  23. I tried it good shit but in n out is still better lol and it’s blessed by god so like yeah

  24. spaceneedledabs

    R.i.p peep

  25. Impossible burger made in a lab with GMO ingredients. Is it really vegan approved?

  26. The only problem is the price

  27. I live near montys and its aite lol. Would rather have in n out cus the meat patties are way too thin and its really pricy. But flavor wise its really good worth a try

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