How I Break My Fast Every Day…

Make sure you download a free copy of “A Slice of Heaven” for the full recipe Download Link – Stay tuned for for Sourdough U, the most …


  1. mr. not important

    Breakfast is two words together break+fast=breakfast…
    Breaking your fasting when you wake up, when your sleep your body goes into a fasting mode/stage then you wake up and you just broke your fasting…..simple… Eat for life

  2. Fasting works really well, you will feel good and will get fit. BUT, as with everything, there's always a con, and in this case it's the gallbladder; when the gallbladder sits too long without releasing bile it starts forming little stones, which may not affect you in any way (a lot of people have stones in their gallbladders without every noticing) but it may as well cause problems, if you are unlucky (like me) it will show symptoms, in which case you can say goodbye to it because it's safer to extract it than to try to disolve the stones; because most methods are inefficient, and you could get way more serious problems by leaving it as is (like pancreatitis). So, as a tip from someone that lost his gallbladder at the age of 25.. for the love of god if you are going to fast, add some pineapple to your first meal of the day. It will keep your gallbladder healthy.

  3. Jeez look at that fucking bread

  4. Dat Asian Over There

    I thought the title was a play on words with breakfast.

  5. lightupmanproduction

    that beginning was so funny

  6. Nicely done

  7. Do you drink during the fasting hours?

  8. You look fine in that tight white shirt and snug blue jeans.  And your voice is very relaxing.

  9. I like a good bread but herb butter just happens to make things a little better like garlic chive butter the breads good but the herbs kinda just happen to kick it up a notch without all the hooplah organic bread has a harder shell i noticed

  10. … salmon is an oily fish to render that start the fish flesh side down and olive oil be unnecessary

  11. cant say ive been to a vegan restaurant

  12. John morala playz

    This is white people food

  13. no lol..I never got use to not eating actually hahah…it always feels like a chore, thinking about not eating…is too much thinking

  14. Kaelin Curtsinger

    I know what you mean about the insane salad!! lol

  15. Great recipe, but buy an apron man, and stop wiping ya hands on ur jeans

  16. "its 10.30 and Im gonna eat at around 12. havent eaten anything yet." – eats at least 4 times during the video

  17. when you manage to make a salad unhealthy beacuse of the amount of fats you put in it…

  18. too much talking, video too long. considering varied amtsof bandwidth for users

  19. Abhijith Rajeev

    dude, you run a cooking channel and you're fasting? why!

  20. Amelia Thompson

    Add half an avocado and it is bliss

  21. xwishyouawayxmcr

    18 minutes to make a salad…

  22. who wouldve thought greens would taste good

  23. You are not fasting you fool.

  24. If you break it every day hard to call it a fast.

  25. MovingNoWhereInLove

    Ain't nobody got time to do that

  26. Huh… It's called fasting? All this time I thought I was just poor lol

  27. Riley o'sullivan


  28. That one piece of salmon skin facing up made me want to reach through the screen and turn it

  29. 9:07 anyone else getting a bit of food wishes vibes?

  30. Thats how I feel with Ramadan , now I know you dont do Ramadan but glad to know that you know how we feel when we fast the whole month.

  31. Great for iftar

  32. love the great left over suggestions! And you solved the arguement to between hubby and I on croutons, chuckle!

  33. intermittent fasting rocks!

  34. Aurelian Dumitru

    Welcome to the IF way of life! Try OMAD time to time, it will blow your mind and spirit!

  35. Some falafel would prop be good in it too

  36. laughs in muslim*

  37. What's Ur Instagram

  38. I noticed you had prepackaged sprouts too. I totally recommend buying dry beans/grains and sprouting them yourself. Saves money, saves on plastic, and it's really easy.

  39. This is exactly how I cook. I just buy veggies and proteins I know I like and then just throw everything together in a bowl, some cooked, so not, with all of my favorite seasonings and flavors.

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