How I Became Vegetarian + My Food Recipes | Vegetarian Meals

In this episode, Yulia will show us the nutritional and tasty vegetarian foods she likes to eat! We are what we eat, so it’s important that we fuel our bodies with wholesome foods that are…


  1. Such a helpful video! I’ve been thinking about trying to be vegetarian!

  2. Her accent sounds dutch

  3. I like to sit and eat

    This is waaay more than just vegetarian. I am vegitarian but she eats way more healthy

  4. Katariina Playa

    If you want to go vegan or you just want to know why so many people are going vegan then watch a short video called "Farm to fridge"

  5. I just don’t know what happened to this channel. I subscribed because of Mia but lately I noticed that the channel name has changed and there are people which I am not familiar to. I know I am not the only one who’s bewildered right now. Please can anyone explain what happened to Asian Beauty Secrets?

  6. To be honest I dont connect with the new style of this channel.

  7. Yay! Awesome videos ladies!! I love Cholee yumm

  8. what else did she put on the salad? I saw olive oil, but I think there's also salt and pepper?

  9. Nice. Now let's see yours

  10. I don’t care what she eats in a day… I care what Mia eats lol

  11. What I needed ^__^

  12. Can we please go back to just being Asian Beauty Secrets please??? I don't connect so well, with this new content. Only want mia

  13. What is happening with his channel? I don't like any of the content anymore what happened to Asian beauty I can't find mia anymore it's been months I don't know why this change happened but it annoys me seeing random people no offence but I'm subscribed for a reason if I don't see what I liked then I have to unsubscribe but I don't want to.. this is bothering me.. Does Mia have a new channel that I'm not aware off?

  14. Josephine Sulistiorini

    I don't remember subscribing to this channel…. wtf?

  15. yum yum!

  16. Did mia sell her account of what??? If yes I’m unsubscribing

  17. Marie & Ryu Bisdak

    I love watching food vlog. By watching i make myself full. Lol! Like you i dont drink soda anymore. Can't stand the acid. Even my son, im not letting him to drink one.

  18. Danielle Oliveira

    Where is Miaaaaa :((((((

  19. I wonder why she is not vegan?

  20. How egg is vegetarian ?

  21. Ayesha Siddiqui


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