This is my story of how going vegan has transformed my health and helped me with the biggest health issues I faced. This is only MY story there are thousands …


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  2. I used to be 120kg now I’m 53kg I’m only 5 foot 2. Went vegan for the animals and they saved my life.

  3. Yes Hannah! Thank you for sharing this story. Too many negative videos have come out lately. Glad to see there are still plenty of ethical forever vegans around.

  4. Popularity Matters

    My 4.5 years 100% plantbased is primary for health, the side benefit is that it is ethical. Your movement would bring in millions if your goal was to attract more ppl like me without judgment. Awesome video. 100% plantbased diet has also cured lifelong health issues for me.

  5. You are so hot! Health is attractive. Mental health is also amazingly sexy

  6. Well done, have been vegan for about 4 years & never looked back. Stay strong.

  7. Erin_Ring_ does_things

    Love you Hannah, this video really got me. I've been vegan for 15 years and I completely relate to your journey and your thoughts on how much veganism has impacted who you have become as a person. Thank you for sharing this. Xxx

  8. Thank you for this video. Really touched. So real and heartfelt. Thank you

  9. awww bless you Hannah….you touched my heart

  10. thanks for sharing your story…its similar to mine. i have been thinking about giving up meat and your story and channel is helping me, you are inspiring me for sure

  11. Hannah:
    Thank you so much for your Honesty & for showing both sides of the coin. You are such an inspiration to those of us who are walking the walk and not just talking the talk. You are such a Beautiful person.

  12. Thank u Hannah for your honesty ❤️

  13. It ok not to be a fat pig. Vegan or Not.

  14. You are doing great. Funny, though, how the Keto people make videos saying the same things…

  15. People have been butchering animals since the beginning of time. Sugars is the biggest killer in America and lack of knowledge of the Bible. You look younger because of a good diet

  16. you go, girl!! soooo happy for you!! I think tour message will reach many, God bless!

  17. good on you, I am whole foods plant based 1 year now, I feel great

  18. Ah, thank you for this video. So much truth! It's incredible that we can eat in an abundant, delicious way, while giving vitality to our bodies, saving animals, and being responsible for the future of our planet!!

  19. It took a lot of guts to post those 'BEFORE' pics.

  20. I love your story Hannah, thank you for coming this far in life!

  21. SuperCoolSunglasses

    Brave and lovely video! Almost had me crying as well :') You are so pretty! I wish I would look like that at the age of 32 😀 Maybe, I'm getting there ^^

  22. Hate seeing u relive the struggles. The pain is real and I know people can be mean especially when ur a kid. I’m glad things r going good for u now and u look healthy and happy. Ur doing great.

  23. I changed myt diet 6 years ago – and I "Just Don't get it either" people are crazy to eat all the meat, dairy, and processed junk – so health and life destroying.

  24. SorbitolMalitolXylitolMannitolCalciumCarbonateSoy

    you are 32??? Damnn girl I thought you were 21 or something… vegan all the way

  25. Amazing how people can transform their health and improve their life in every way simply by eating whole plant food based diet – no oils or sugar added. And as a benefit the food can be very satisfying and inexpensive.

  26. Love your channel Hannah 🙂 congrats amazing progress

  27. you go girl!  I have been a vegan for ~1.5 years and my health has also transformed!  I have stopped using insulin and hope to stop the rest of my meds soon.  I still have some hypertension but it is getting lower and I hope to have it under control soon.  I eat all I want and don't get hungry and I love the food that I eat.  You look like a million bucks….keep saving the animals and being healthy!!!!

  28. Way to go Hannah! Positive, beautiful and heartfelt. <3

  29. sandramA heynemana

    I appreciate your heart felt testimony. You may also want to listed to some of Dr. Pam Popper’s videos. She is a follower of Ornish, Esselstyn, and Campbell. She owns a teaching school in Columbus, OH.

  30. This is so interesting b/c my before and after pics are the exact opposite. I was 160 before going vegan and now I"m 220. I cannot lose an ounce to save my soul despite eating super clean. I"m starting to think that lentils and beans blow up like balloons inside me. 🙁

  31. Heartfelt informative commentary, well done xx

  32. There is nothing better than a beautiful healthy vegan female =)

  33. what is your blood type?

  34. I used to be kinda the same. Fat, alcoholic, smoker, depressed. Two months after I broke up with my fiance I think I got so annoyed by the fact that I saw my life sinking like that, I wanted to change to be better for myself. I got a job, a gf, started running. Withing 3 months, I managed to run 60km in one day. Although I was eating a lot of vegetables, I ended up going carnivore. Maybe one day I'll change it to vegan but for now this style of life suits me. I am a food technologist I have been to enough slaughterhouses, I don't regret eating meat. I have great compassion for plants. I consider all life equal although I love plants more because nobody cares about them, while the animals have people trying to protect them. That's my view, my life.

  35. So amazing how you turned your life around .I’m on my 27th day of the potato diet and wow do I ever feel good

  36. You lie to us..

  37. I watched your video to the end. You are so natural and sweet. Thank you for making this video. I am 54 and have also struggled with loads of issues regarding my weight and only a couple of weeks ago started experimenting with a vegan diet. Your video is very encouraging and I can't wait to look at more. This is only the second video of yours I have looked at (first one was a sauce video :-)). xxx niki

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