HOMEMADE VEGETARIAN LASAGNA | How to Make Lasagna Vegetarian Recipe

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  1. Vincenzo, you're too much! Hahahaha!! I have to investigate how you managed to appear with TWO doubles to help you! The most hilarious scene was throwing the herbs to yourself from the back of the room. Then you even pushed yourself out of the picture! This was a video maker's masterpiece! Your homemade vegetarian lasagna is something that, I'm sure, even the Roman gods covet! What a magnificent recipe! My mouth is watering! Splendid job my friend! Splendid!

  2. This is amazing!!

  3. Invasione di Vincenzos! Bravo bella ricetta

  4. I have a question: Who of the three Vincenzos is cooking? Allora si lavora (Sorry, the Swiss is in me…!

    Tanti saluti da Zurigo!

  5. Beautiful video! I'm at work watching this on my break and now I'm starving for your delicious lasanga!!

  6. Sure looks yummy. Great job your friend did editing 3 of you into the video. I enjoyed that. Have a great day.

  7. Looks wonderful! I love the vegetarian dishes!

  8. Yum looks delicious i am making this soon can make this to low carb and vegan as am low carb and vegan started last tuesday onwards after this comment will be taking a break from commenting next week only as am going to gold coast austraila from 3 to 12 december back to Singapore on 12 love your videos making me hungry Thanks Ramya

  9. Which Vincenzo do you prefer? (3 Vincenzo's Cooking for you in this video)
    1) the one of the right
    2) the one on the left
    3) the one at the back

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