Homemade Vegetarian Dog Food Recipe (Simple to Make)

For all the vegetarians out there looking to get your dog on this diet, here is a good homemade vegetarian dog food recipe to start with. However, remember that …


  1. The Virtual Zookeeper

    Dogs need meat. Please stop.

  2. What is "KEENO"?

  3. Mute, and all is good

  4. Harnoor rathour

    What is keeno?

  5. "Keen-WHA" but otherwise, great recipe! Thanks!

  6. keen wah !!!!

  7. Quinoa?

  8. Vegetarian food for dogs. Are you nuts dogs do not need carbs meat protein fats and bone. Vegetarian food for dogs is just wrong in so many ways. Crazy

  9. Jillian Morales

    Keen Wah. Keeno is killing me. Thanks for the recipe too though

  10. Kenno???

  11. useful video thanks, but i had to mute it lol

  12. As long as you give your dog the appropriate amount of protein and vitamins they should be fine. My wife gives our dogs 30-50% protein, 25% fat, and about 45% carbs.

  13. arm & hammer detergent

    that looks like poop

  14. What is Keeno?

  15. "keeno"? hahah

  16. U talk so much… Speak when preparing.. People likes tht madam… Thank you.. I'll try tomorrow

  17. There is no way for them to synthesize taurine from this.
    I would add Ground Sunflower seeds.
    that would make this a more complete meal.

    still this is like the most simple meal your dog should be eating.
    That means the other meals they get during the week should be more complex and filled with the nutrients that this meal is lacking. plus just like humans, dogs get bored of eating the same mush every day. textural diversity is a must!

    thanks for the recipe. the simplicity is what makes this recipe so valuable.

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