Homemade Vegetable Stock

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  1. can one make vegetable soup without first making vegetable stock? is it possible?

  2. What about those soil particles that goes in with the stem and root?

  3. I did the recipe and had a mistake with vegatbles. how many was i suppose to do? I put carrots….?

  4. Nice short & sweet video.

    (Off topic, but I love your pixy cut. It looks nice on you. I'd have a pixy cut if I wouldn't look like a potato head in it.)

  5. I hope you didn't throw those vegetables away. I hope you diced them and put them in the stock/soup

  6. where did you get your salt and pepper container? its cool!

  7. Anna Farris looks like you

  8. Hi. Thanks for the great recipe.. Quick question, what do you do with the fresh vegetables? After straining the water, do you keep it for the next batch of making stock or you throw away.. Thanks..

  9. This is wonderful. From a grateful 74 year old man who just took up cooking.

  10. Cristina Contreras

    You talk alot. Just get down with the ingredients already my God!

  11. Such a great idea to keep the Vege left over cut for the soup. Those r flavourful and provide different and sometimes better nutrients than the normal consumed part.

  12. You are awesome

  13. Any suggestions for what to do with the vegetables used, after the process?

  14. WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!!!! And she knows how to cook………..WOW

  15. Thanks for this video

  16. The color is soooo amazing!!!!

  17. Simple and easy to follow! Thank you!:)

  18. Wow! Didn't know it was so simple. Thank you

  19. Wow! One can learn something new every day. Not peeling the onions was the most shocking to me.

  20. Omgosh, where was this video when I needed it like three hours ago… now I am always going to save my excess veggie scraps so that I can make my own stock. >.<! Lesson learned

  21. First time ever watching your videos and im already making the stock and my house smells amazing. Tysm

  22. I bet that smells amazing

  23. Great video. I just have a question what would be a recommendable to store it, so it last over a week? Thank you

  24. TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty

    YAAAAAY! I would be DRINKING this!!

  25. tknuy

  26. So, what do youdo with all the cooked vegetables you've fished outof the stock?

  27. Great, I'm now learnt by your "The Domestic Geek" how to make seasoned vegetable broth. This follows the advice that Olive Oil Is Not Healthy by Michael Klaper MD

  28. Just had gallbladder surgery. Super scary because my digestive system is a bit sensitive. Thank you for this super easy, super healthy, super helpful recipe!

  29. สุดาพร ทะนันไชย

    Thank you for the recipes.
    I will surely try it.

  30. Shlorp. Declicious. Just liked and subscribed you girl. You rock. 🙂

  31. Thanks for the recipe, Sara. I am testing the stock but I am having issue of having bitter stock and I am using kitchen scraps (garlic skin, onion skin, Cilantro ends and pepper centre)…and fresh carrot, celery….what’s making my stock bitter…..

  32. Such a waste. Cringe.

  33. Thank you so much. Awesome idea to add all the kitchen vege scraps! I'm definitely going to try this.

  34. what are the fresh herbs i can used?

  35. Now I have a reason to keep around all those bell pepper & tomato tops. Thank you!!!

  36. peasants pottage are useful i guess.

  37. Noureddine Merradou

    Your videos never get old . Thanks for being a huge help in my ghetto life

  38. what do you exactly do with the vegetables once the broth is made? it seems to me that it is a waste to throw away the vegetables themselves after boiling them. there has to be something useful to do with them besides compost…. anyone knows a recipe for them?

  39. You are absolutely amazing with ur recipes ❤️

  40. Carrots Cellery and Carrots the classic french mirepoix, all cooking that requires stock should be homemade and not the sodium based crappy stocks available at the supermarkets

  41. But what do you do with all your leftover vegetables from the stock, now you have scraps mixed in with fresh vegetables. Throwing away the cooked vegetables would be a waste.

  42. This is the best vegetable stock I have seen on YouTube. I wondered why your stock was so dark? The onion skins! Wow, what a great idea. Thank you.

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