Homemade Gnocchi with Peas and Parmesan – Gordon Ramsay

Gnocchi are an Italian classic: small dumplings made with potato. These are paired with peas and Parmesan cheese for a fantastic combination of salty and …


  1. i add koffe with my kayk chokliyt i jast remanbar pekoz i for get it

  2. ArjyBarjy OnionBarjy

    Can you use fresh potatoes

  3. GHEEESH……now ya made me hungry….

  4. I like spinach gnochi and parmezan great

  5. I feel like if he would make me a fried cunt hair I would still eat it

  6. Oh my god. My girlfriend loves gnocchi. Looks like I have a great idea for dinner soon!

  7. gnocchi for Ninno ,avalible at all good sex shops

  8. POTATOES not pertaters

  9. Me: wears a black shirt and gets flour all over it
    Gordon: Wears a black shirt and has no stains or flour

  10. Missing ingredient: 1 delicious egg.

  11. Gordon i love you but trust me, you cant cook italian

  12. I made the gnocchi from scratch identical to this. Nice sure but good fuck it was messy!!!! I swear to whoever it may concern just buy a good quality pre made gnocchi. Fresh or else something like de cecco brand and augment with rest of ingredients here. Youl make life 10 times easier and probably not that much different. Making it again next week using the Jeffers method!

  13. Gnocchi loves pepper… Is she okay?

  14. How to replace egg

  15. Looks awesome !!

  16. FRIED GNOCCHI Gordon do me a favor don’t try to make Italian dishes anymore U DONT FRY GNOCCHI ITS WRONG

  17. Anyone know what pan he is using here?

  18. Knocky

  19. I made this gnocchi and it's the best I've ever had. Thanks Gordon ramsay ❤️

  20. so meany keyboard pricks out there ""the guy is a multi million £££$$$ because of his skill . now fuck off pricks

  21. 00:57 Satisfaction

  22. damn this looks amazing!!!

  23. Ñocchi … That's how Gordon said it. On purpose.

  24. I wonder can GR ever cook without using even ?

  25. I’ve cooked it tonight,. It was relatively easy. The garden peas sweetened the dish unnecessary, unless I used too much. Otherwise, amazing.

  26. Who the fuck has "left-over baked potatoes"? Who fancies a baked potato and throws nine of them in the oven?

  27. i mean why would i have left over baked potatoes

  28. Ricer? More like Spätzlespresse 😉

  29. I know how to make trhis better than ramsay

  30. 1:03 what’s that ingredient that looks like sour cream?

  31. His thick accent only pops in when I need understand the ingredients he says. Fuck sake!

  32. you forgot to add celery, carrot , mince, red onion and tomato sauce etc

  33. hey gordo, i made gnochi for my girlfriend tonight but i forgot to boil the gnochi, i just put it straight in the pan.

  34. Fantastic

  35. Just a touch of flour dusts a cup of flour onto the board

  36. Jose Eduardo Vazquez Garcia

    I just tried this. OMG! It was fenomenal. <3

  37. Soft, frangant…ball

  38. Nok ki

  39. How many does this serve?

  40. First time I made gnocci was from this recipe and its the only way I do it now.

  41. Gnocchi loves fresh pepper. My new favorite quote♡

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