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  3. Looks good but uhm sausage patties?

  4. New sub in the house saying wssup!

  5. That looks amszing

  6. Does it taste like banana?

  7. New subscriber! Please keep posting more vegan alkalizing videos! Yummy!

  8. Bell peppers are dark shade fruits that have high levels of lectins. I would suggest eliminating that out of the recipe unless you remove the skin.

  9. I used Cilantro instead of Parsley and Plaintains. I have to drive far out to Whole Foods for Burro Bananas. It still tasted excellent and my wife loved it. Thanks for the inspiration Queen.

  10. How much does burro banana cost.

  11. Went the store this just made this it is sooooooooo good, never knew good for you could ever taste
    This good…..I love you thank oh I'm a lifetime member of yo channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You don't even miss the potatoes
    Ii like it better than home fries with potatoes…….Did. I say it was just YUMMIE GOOD….. Niambis a new convert…lol

  12. Robin D. Phillips

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I have to find those bananas!

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    The Vegan Jamaican

  14. Vegan & Sebi inspired…subbed✔

  15. That looks like a metal utensil being used with a porcelain frying pan, hope the pan is ok.

  16. I tried this recipe this morning. It turn out pretty good husband and toddlers enjoy it!! Thanks so much. I love your videos new to the vegan/dr Sebi diet.

  17. I've never had the burro bananas. Do they taste like plantain?

  18. Annoied music

  19. Looks good the music on repeat is somewhat annoying though

  20. What's the difference in a Hubro Banana verses a regular Banana? I'm a big fan of Home Fries, but currently use Potatoes.

  21. this looks good but isn't plantain still starch?

  22. GREAT JOB! and I love the way you reply to comments and questions. New subbie here. Look forward to seeing many more vids

  23. I sure only ripe bananas are allowed.

  24. I'm just starting my vegan journey and i came across your page which is a true inspiration for because my husband is Jamaican n boy can he cook so I'm loving all these recipes. I have to admit since I married him I haven't had to cook at all

  25. I just tried it. It was dry I couldn't eat it. Did anyone else experience it to be very dry? Hopfuly it works for someone.

  26. Thanks for this it brings new varieties into my diet

  27. Very nice sistren. I just subscribed.

  28. U are so creative i love dr sebi inspriated recipes

  29. Great video.Looks like it taste great.What kind of banana did u use?

  30. Can't eat potatoes on a sebi diet? Is a burro banana same as plantains?



  32. Could this work with green plantains?

  33. Homeschool Royalty

    This is brilliant! Never thought about doing this! I'm working my way to becoming vegan and I am so glad I came across your video! Thank you so much for sharing! New subscriber!

  34. why use bananas instead of potatoes?

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