High protein vegetarian meal for bodybuilding

As I promised in my last video,here is another high protein recipe for vegetarians.I hope you guys will like it. Last video on vegetarian high protein …


  1. kya chutiyapa h

  2. nice

  3. I don't think its healthy as u use Maggi masala which have msg and 60%sodium also that's why it is noi good for our health

  4. b4 flexxing ur muscles in end of recipe

  5. dont forget to swich off gas knob

  6. how much gram soya chunk good for men daily diet ….becoz excessive is suffer from man boobs hormone problm so wat u suggest …

  7. you rocks

  8. hi thanks bro gourav pleese reqment any good brand for whey protin…

  9. looks

  10. very good

  11. Super bro

  12. #Allin1 amizqunzu

    r u natural????

  13. i dont know what happened or where i went wrong, but some how i brought harambre back from the dead

  14. I`m quite confident that this diet program, "fizy unique plan" (Google it) is the best-ever weight loss aid which I`ve ever used. I dropped about 8 lbs. Search this diet on Google.

  15. Yes

  16. plz replay

  17. if we add any spice

  18. LOL WHY DO U SPEAK ENGLISH IN SUCH A FUNNY WAY AND THEN sudh sudh hindi bol tai hooooo.

  19. nys video bro can u make full day eating vegan diet video and how can a vegan consume 180 g protein dailly

  20. nice bieceps

  21. Great recipe Bro.

  22. nice bro its realy good

  23. Which is better boiled one or cooked ? If will cook them their macro nutrients won't destroy?

  24. is soya chunk good for man? some research show that it is not good for man

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