High Protein Vegetarian Bodybuilding Meal – Indian Style

Hello Friends. I bring to you our very own Moong Dal Dosa also known as Pesarattu. This dosa is made from the barter of high protein and fibrous green gram. It is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh…


  1. I’m so proud of you and how far your channel has come,lysm❤️

  2. Aditya Srivastava

    Sir kya Bina excercise or work out ke muscles nahi Banti h kya

  3. The perfect recipe .
    Thank you sir

  4. can i use tofu as i am allergic to paneer

  5. Never use olive oil for cooking

  6. Sir u r awesome u tech me so many different way of cooking really love it

  7. Instead of spray Can we use Oil ??

  8. Bhai …dont know how to thank you. Awesome recipe

  9. Awsmmmm yr…

  10. I tried this recipe today… Health and tasty

  11. I am working towards losing my fat and have been working out regularly past 4 months.. I feel my body is no longer losing weight despite my intense workouts and diet.. Being a vegetarian I feel my diet does not fulfill my protein requirements and wish to start with whey protein.. Wanted to know if i am a candidate for whey protein and if it will do any good to me… Side effects if any? Thank you..

  12. How many dosas u made out of this ? Just curious !

  13. Smartphone Hacks

    0:33 can we put ghee here?

  14. Smartphone Hacks

    How to know whether panner has low fat??

  15. can we use yellow moong??

  16. Plzzz anss soon coz I wanna make it as a part of my weight loss program

  17. I have become a fan of your videos. I just want to know how many dosa can we have.? U said it has 400-500 calories so I have doubt that one dosa has 400-500 calories or not

  18. Hi, I am a bit confused about the 100 gm of moong. Does 100 gm means raw moong or soaked ?

  19. Nishitha rathod123

    high in carb and fat ok is dis 4 wtloss

  20. please tell me…. about calories in this dish…?

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