HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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  1. But where do you get your protein? I'm answering that question in today's recipe video! Each recipe is linked in the description so check it out! ALSO this video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you're eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. ALSO before I receive another comment about soy being too high in estrogen for men IT IS A MYTH! Soy has PHYTOestrogens which is different from estrogen and affects us differently (we aren’t plants). You should be more concerned with the actual estrogen in animal products, because manboobs are much more likely to be a result of overeating diary than soy. https://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

  2. If I get asked one more time where I get my protein

  3. For protein people my go to for fullness and lots of energy is beans. All kinds out there you no. Beans or my meat alternative. Beans my vegan people beans.

  4. If I eat 6g of rice protein and 6g of bean protein, does that total 12g or 6g of COMPLETE protein? (If you do not know what "complete protein" means, please skip this question.) The reason I think it may be 6g is because 6 halves of something plus 6 halves of some equals 6 wholes.

  5. These recipes look absolutely delicious! My husband and I have recently started to talk about going vegan (or at least plant-based-not the most common way of eating in mid-west USA) with our diet. Can't wait to try these recipes out! Thanks a bunch!

  6. my vegan friend says he gets protein from his seman. is that true.

  7. my vegan friend says he gets protein from his seman. is that true.

  8. 120g carbs for the oatmeal is WAY too much. I used to train like a bikini bodybuilder and my personal DAILY carb amount was 130g. They look like great meals that I will use as a foundation but I’ll definitely be making some adjustments.

  9. Nothing new ,under the Sun…
    Just regular food..

  10. i think if you expose nutritional yeast to more than 100°, it can lose its nutritional value

  11. That Piñata Girl

    I hate broccoli so much

  12. The link for the bbq tofu is wrong and I would like to find the recipe

  13. How many grams are a cup?

  14. Ketchup on soy. Dafuq dude.

  15. What kind of peanut butter is that?

  16. I personally wouldn't call most of these 'high protein' as they are higher in carbs and sometimes even fat, compared to protein… And they are ridiculously high in calories, so it's nice that it's vegan, but it's unhealthy for a lot of people… Most people, who need high protein diets (people who lift/are active) don't want to offset their efforts with these meals…
    I'm also shocked that you don't advocate for making an informed decision about food (counting calories/macros) that's disappointing.
    Rant over, I just need to find another channel.

  17. Music was less than desirable for a cooking video.

  18. I could just eat one steak and couple of potatoes and I would get the same nutrients and even more and save half the price. One avocado costs here around 2 euros which is half a kilo of ground meat.

  19. is my butt gonna get bigger with this? lol

  20. I am not vegan but I like hemp protein both in the whole form and also as 70% concentrated protein powder. Pumpkin seed is another healthy protein choice and has complete profile of essential amino acids.
    Lentils are also fine if they agree with you. Make sure to soak them in water and sea/himalayan salt 12-24 hours.

  21. 700 calories for 30gr of protein…and thats high in protein…i get that much from 3 bites of turkey breast

  22. girl mayonnaise isn't healthy i-

  23. The one and only thing I like about vegetarianism is the idea to eat more plant-based foods and the whole preparation process. In order to get all the nutrients you need to plan carefully your meals. Good balance of proteins, carbs and fats. Meat eaters don't have this problem.

  24. You get bull balls from eating meat.
    No brainer.
    Man boobs from soy.
    Savvy Men.
    Leave the girls diets to the gal's.

  25. The worse thing you can put in there is tofu. It's a estrogen mimicker.

  26. Silicon Valley Impressions Magazine

    Nice chopsticks skills. Very down to earth. Nice video.

  27. Tofu = soy = reduces male testosterone. Bread has starch which is acidic so not healthy.. Some good meals though

  28. I am new to your channel and really love it. I know this is not a super new video, but I wanted to say that I really loved your simple way of saying that some of the biggest animals on Earth are plant eaters. It's such an easy analogy to use when explaining to someone who is questioning your veganism or vegetarianism. It just really resonates with me and is something I will probably use in my everyday life when people question my nutrition LOL.

  29. Girlwithadeathnote

    These look so good. Especially the first two recipes.

  30. 8:8 حتى عندهم نفس التعليقات


  32. Andrea Williamson

    Questions was you tofu squishy?

  33. Please don't put make up , you look faaaaar better natural.

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