HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

Here is the link to pre order my book – http://geni.us/kT0h Recipe – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/high-protein-vegan-meal-prep/ Blender from …


  1. Delph the white bul

    Ok man…. props on a great video. I keep going back and forth on eating vegan or not. I really enjoy the flavors and the health factors, I guess I just wasn't totally committed to making a change. I must say your video totally helped me make up my mind. Great job cooking and giving us info. Respect from Philly ✊

  2. You have beautiful dishes, the best recipes and amazing glasses! I am rly glad that I found you, so thank you!

  3. Do you buy the beans from a can or boil them urself?


  5. Top lad keep up the awesome work and tasty recipes, My other half has pre ordered your book for me cant wait to get my hands on it. Went vegan back in July don't think I would have kept it up if I didn't find your videos and food, aubergine bacon is my favorite. keep em coming I would love to see an average weeks shopping list and where you source some of the more unique ingredients you use also some more sweet treat vids because the salted caramel choc bars are awesome.

  6. Not trying to sound thirsty, but I failed to hear anything he said over his beautiful face.

  7. where are the containers from?

  8. I've never seen such beautiful, colorful and easy to do meal prep. You're adding so many things I'd never think about it's awesome. Thank you so much ! You're so sweet and lovely to listent to <3

  9. Why have you precooked quinoa and the Broccoli before the video.

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  11. Wow, delicious

  12. wow I just might go vegan. Thank you

  13. So I made the chili and I gotta tell you, it was soo good. The cayenne pepper was perfect and adding lemon and guac added such a kick! I loved it!

  14. This is amazing !!!

  15. i subbed sub me back

  16. Love at first sight!!!

  17. Wow. Now THIS is meal prep – thank you! These look like awesome, healthy, filling portions, and really yummy. 😀 I'll be trying the lunch and dinner meals for sure.

  18. Great freakin job… fuel food

  19. Hmm a big vegan channel i never heard of till now!

  20. Great video and I am not even a Vegan..

  21. Hey Gaz, how much (roughly) did the 4 days of food cost?

  22. I made it!!! Fabulous! Including the Salty Chocolate Bars.!!! My first youtube meal prep that I actually followed.

  23. Great work thanks a lot.

  24. Looks like good eats.

  25. Now show me how much all of that costs.It definitely Isn't cheap being vegan.

  26. Thanks for so much for this meal prep video. Love, love it so much. I am literally heading out the door to get these recipe materials…hahaha! Keep these kind of videos coming. Have working out 🙂

  27. all the colors!

  28. Xtreme Countertops

    Doesn't milk go against being a vegan you can't have any dairy products or anything that comes from an animal correct so how can you put milk into your porridge

  29. This was helpful !! Thanks

  30. perfect meal i'll do it! btw glasses look good

  31. He's so cute

  32. Well done !

  33. First of all… He’s HOT.
    Secondly, this is a lovely meal prep.

  34. Ummm can I be his friend WOW

  35. I’m writing my shopping list right now, can’t wait to try this out. You’ve some really good ideas!

  36. How does one not fart excessively on these foods?

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