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  1. Next recipe video: snacks or breakfasts?

  2. Oh noo the hummus is just so thick and dry

  3. Great menu ideas. Protein absorption has been a problem but I am going to try your tips. Keep them coming. Thanks


  5. Thank you so much for all your videos! My health has been taking a hit as I’ve gotten more overwhelmed with the demands of the season of life I’m in, but your simple and practical tips, calming presence, and attention to balanced plant-based nutrition have made me feel like I can still be vegan and healthy without panicking! You’ve inspired and empowered me to get serious about meal prepping and it’s already made a difference for me and my family! Keep ‘em coming!

  6. What do you suggest we use to substitute for the coconut milk? We have a coconut allergy.

  7. sharmika malwatte

    I am not vegan or a vegetarian. But seriously these meals looks so good. It made me really hungry

  8. Do you microwave your food in the bento box?

  9. These recipes look delicious….and I'm not even vegan..

  10. Humble Daal-chawal makes it way to pick up limes… I am intrigued..

  11. TortugaMilenaria

    Thank you so much for the lovely work you do and the good vibes you transmit 😉

  12. I don’t Know if I will use the two vidéos, it look very good, but it feel like you cook for 4 peoples Each meal, and you use so much different ingrédients, I don’t Know where I can find everything you use in France and even if I can find them it will cost me so much monney and Time to buy all of them.

  13. Amazing Grace Marie

    Where do you buy the black containers?

  14. Thanks for the awesome recipes and valuable information.

  15. Hi! Thanks you so much! Can you do a video about iron and some meals ideas?

  16. Sutch great recipes i love them

  17. Would I be able to substitute the coconut milk in the daal for skim or soy milk?

  18. you have made this look so easy and I am ready to do my online grocery shop for all these ingredients!!! Fingers crossed I can carry it out just as easy!

  19. Thank you for this, I really enjoy watching your videos

  20. Dig bick energy Ho

    Bento box #1:
    Meal.1| 0:42

    Meal.2 | 1:46

    Bento box #2:
    Meal .1| 2:36

    Meal 2 | 4:11

    Bento box #3:
    Meal.1| 4:37

    Meal.2 | 6:01
    Recap: 6:26

  21. Hi Pick Up Limes…make a book with all your recepies

  22. Love your channel – I’m about to try to make a few of these recipes today! Thank you for uploading

  23. The daal, (hopefully that’s the right spelling) has become a firm favourite in my house, I occasionally add a few more vegetables, usually ones that we have left over.

  24. I love your videos because not only are they extremely helpful and informational, you present everything so calmly and positively. Your videos are my go to for calming down my anxiety and give me great ideas for eating better. Thank you

  25. I am not vegan. I love eating meat, but I would really try this, it looks appetizing.

  26. Sadia I've been a vegan since Jan 2017 and I am such a huge fan of your videos! I've been telling everyone to watch your videos. You have such a calm demeanor and your ideas for vegan cooking are excellent. Keep up the great work!.
    From a big fan,

  27. Ashara Sewwandi

    I watch your videos at least 30 minutes per day I definitely adding those ingredients to my family habits. Thank you keep doing great work.

  28. Thank you for this video. My partner really needs protein to keep from becoming hangry through out the day so this really helps! Thanks! 😀

  29. Dj lenox Chapter's

    I love these boxes never seen things like this before thanks for the new ideas

  30. I just love your videos. They are so great in ratio, carbs – fats and protein. Just perfect.

  31. You inspired me to be vegan a couple weeks ago, and I am loving it.
    I am absolutely obsessed with your inspiring videos

  32. How does soaking increase protein absorption? love your vids!

  33. Priyankka Thanarajah

    There should be a pick up limes app. I would definitely download it.

  34. Hi, I'm a new subscriber! I luv ur recipes! I'm a vegetarian on the way to become vegan! Can you pls share some iron rich recipes for kids and toddlers? Thanks!

  35. Victoria I. De la Rosa

    My concern is how high in carb these are. Someone with insulin resistance will struggle with these

  36. Tommaso Maria Noè

    You have to boil water before putting pasta

  37. with what i can replace the mashrom ?/

  38. Sarona Ramasehla

    The pre-soaking is great!

  39. Abhishek Tripathi

    Thank you very much for sharing such important and much needed information. I really appreciate your effort

  40. you're really lovely 🙂
    thank you for all your lovely and informatic videos!

  41. what a clever way to flavor rice! I LOVE cardamon, and just got a bag of whole pods & other indian spices from my sister as part of Christmas present- So it looks like your lentil recipie is quickly going on the menu!

  42. Fabulous now must find part 1 :..Huge thumbs up

  43. Just discovered your channel and it's everythinggggg

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