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Try these high protein vegan dinners for energy throughout the whole week! Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 About Tasty: The official YouTube channel …


  1. I am not vegan, but I appreciate these recipes so much!

  2. Great video these vegan meals look pretty good

  3. I'm not vegan but these look like yummy healthy options to try someday!

  4. Emily_WasHere2 :3

    Yay thank you for this!
    I’m vegetarian but good enough

  5. since when honey is vegan?

  6. Good effort! But, subbing making syrup or agave for the honey would make it fully vegan. PLEASE MAKE MORE VEGAN VIDEOS TASTY!

  7. just a suggeztion since in all yiur videos you always put the food and spices in a baking tray without any nonstick baking sheet. in my head i'm like, "it's gonna be a hard time to clean that thing." so next time, use some non-stixk baking sheet so that it'll be easier to clean the bakimg tray and your going to save the quality in the long run! unless, that's not your goal lool

  8. Far too many ingredients for practical meals.

  9. Yall should make a separate channel where all u make is vegan food and call the channel "Dog Shit".

  10. That chili recipe is a keeper. Made it last night- loved the roasted tofu in it!

  11. I like all of your food videos

  12. An pleidhce Éireannach

    High protein but zero vitamin B12 and heme iron LOL

  13. vegan chili is one of my fave meals.. its awesome and really simple to make, full of veggies and protein. its really good when i melt cheese on top and eat it kind of like a dip with corn chips. im just veg so the cheese is real 🙂

  14. 2:34 Honey is not vegan!!

  15. Your buffalo chickpea wrap is on regular rotation at my house, it’s so damn good!

  16. Honey aint vegan so try maybe agave syrup or maple syrup

  17. 2:34
    Hi, I’m not vegan, or vegetarian, but I know that Honey is not vegan.

  18. Lentil loaf is amazing. Those recipes are more of taste of Mediterranean.

  19. What is Tofu??

  20. Adding Buffalo Sauce.. really. Second recipe is not Vegan.
    Buffalo Sauces all contain BUTTER.

  21. Vegan Chili. Is wrong. Without the Exploitation of Bee Hives and forced Migration you can NOT get Avocados.

    So first recipe is no longer Vegan.

  22. maybe a dumb question, but what is “buffalo sauce”?

  23. Ashwini Dhamodharan

    Did any catch the honey in tofu stir fry…Honey's not vegan

  24. Okay but can we appreciate the background music?!

  25. Maybe I should consider going vegan…

  26. Ugh, enough with the vegan crap. It's just sad.

  27. I hate when people criticize vegans, y’know vegans are the ones actually making efforts toward the planet’s health and their own, I am not vegan yet, but I plan to start in June when I don’t have school, to support more than 10 billion people we must go vegetarian at least preferably vegan, that land mark is coming up in most of our lifetimes so chop chop humanity!

  28. Background music

  29. I hate any type of beans and peas lol. Would only make the noodle dish but without edamame.

  30. can you guys do more vegan recipes??? these videos are amazing

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