HI THESE ARE THE GOOD GOOD plz lmk how u like them i love them i hope you do too xoxo!! FULL RECIPES: Banana Icecream BASE: 85g FIRM or 175 SOFT …


  1. Tatiana Ringsby


  2. i love u

  3. Off topic: Are you Japanese? We have the same last name lol

  4. pancake Q;pleas!how long in minuts on every side?always fear it will be undone or too wet.then,its undone or almost burned and chewy;Dwhich heat?no need of coconut oil?pleas exact exact advice.

  5. Caroline Santiago-Reyes

    I want some morning rounds. Where can one get some?

  6. Which protein powder do you love?!

  7. those pancakes look bomb

  8. You speak so fast I had to watch it twice 😀 Great ideas, thanks (:

  9. Pancake monster LOL

    I wish morning rounds were available in my country.

  10. Yo those pancakes actually looked perfect. BTW I saw Morning Rounds at Costco and thought of you!

  11. Tofu nice cream? I am all about the weird food combos.

  12. OMG! I love u so much!❤️❤️ Love ur videos! Hope u never stop doing YouTube.

  13. i'm so hungry T_T

  14. Great recipes! I have to try them❤️

  15. You're so pretty wtf

  16. Daniela Botero Concha

    Where do you find those morning rounds? I'm not in the US but will try them when I visit hehehe

  17. my fat ass thought that was a hella layered cake in the thumbnail

  18. have you ever tried beans or another soy free alternate to the tofu for the smoothie bowls?

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