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High protein veg sandwich recipe, healthy paneer sandwich recipe for weight loss. #weightloss #skinnyrecipes #nisahomey #sandwich Ingredients: Brown …


  1. Just now I made the sand wich for my husband,& daughter in law …Very tasty.super.thanks a lot .

  2. Bharathi Parthasarathy

    Dear Madam I tried this one, n it came out really well. My husband n son enjoyed completely. Thank u for the receipe.

  3. Indian women athome

    Love your recipes ma'am… The best thing is your recipes are so simple and easily available in the kitchen, you don't have to plan to go out and get something to make it… Will definitely try this for my son's Tiffin box

  4. Very nice recepie mam

  5. how much calories it has?

  6. What is paneer?

  7. instead panner we can add others nuts mam

  8. Is there any alternative for paneer? because I don't like paneer…..

  9. Love ur recipies ….i have tried most of them they are delicious healthy as well as a great feast for eyes too…which is important for food we eat

  10. The toster you use is it cast iron or which material is it and where from y buy that?

  11. amazing

  12. Looks tasty and nutritious.. Love your recipes ma'am

  13. Can i add garlic instead of shallots?

  14. Can we put onions instead of shallots

  15. Any brown bread is ok?? I mean any brown bread whch available in market will do??

  16. Not able to see protein here…

  17. Is that paneer get cooked?? No problem sss????

  18. Can u tell me how many calories are der in one sandwich

  19. Hi mam i want to reduce my weight …shall I take this snadwich..

  20. Mam sorry but Apne ye Kaun sa sandwich maker use Kiya hai please tell me

  21. desi ghee for weight loss 😀

  22. Aunty pls share the sandwich maker buying link…..

  23. Nice

  24. NoorAlishba's Cooking in Canada

    Very nyc

  25. Mythily Parasuraman

    Hi Nisha, hope you're super fine. Small onions in sandwich what a great idea. I made it and throughly enjoyed with my family. Thanks, take care. God bless you.

  26. Nice healthy recipe

  27. Good sandwich , liked the paneer filling , too yummy filling loved it , secondly urs sandwich toaster is very nice , is it kon stick toaster or an ordinary , which company , give details from where to buy toaster

  28. Rajeshwari B Naidu

    Plz upload few More overnight oast for busy morning plz mam

  29. Thanks for the yummy recipies. what brand toaster you are using mam?

  30. To good mam

  31. Sadhana Sahasrabuddhe

    Looks tasty. I will make it.

  32. Pls Mam give the Toaster link also you used

  33. Healthy recipe thanks for sharing

  34. Thank you so much

  35. Excellent thank you

  36. Your curry leaves plant looks so healthy…how do u maintain it and keep it from ants or insects…..thanks for the sandwich recipe…will definitely try

  37. This sandwich made my day dear .I had this as lunch it was amazing all your healthy recipe's changed my entire thought process now i accept that healthy food does taste delicious . Lots of love from me and my family god bless.

  38. thq chechi

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